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Successful Kidney Transplant at Shalby Hospitals Indore

November 25, 2022

Kidney Transplantation patient review - shalby

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Mr Manohar Nagar, a resident of Bilawali, Dewas had been suffering from Advanced Kidney Disease which had caused both his kidneys to fail. He visited several hospitals in Indore but found no cure to his problem, which is when he decided to come to Shalby Hospitals. Being the last ray of hope and becoming a savior for Mr. Nagar, Dr Asad Riyaz, Nephrologist and Renal Specialist, along with his team of experts successfully performed an ABOi Kidney Transplant, a successful yet complicated alternative treatment option, as Manohar Ji was reluctant to go for a dialysis treatment method. Mr. Manohar Nagar is immensely grateful to Dr. Asad Riyaz and entire medical staff at Shalby Hospitals Indore for having treated him successfully and promptly that too on a modest budget. Manohar Ji confidently recommends Shalby Hospitals to everyone suffering from such a problem so that they can benefit from Shalby’s superior and prompt medical services.




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