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Laser Dentistry

Using the innovative laser dentistry in dental care, we at Shalby Hospitals offer you a minimally invasive treatment process for different oral problems such as cavity treatment and gum surgery. Laser dentistry calls for the use of highly focused light beams to extract overgrown tissue, reshape gums, or whiten teeth.

Advantages of Laser Dentistry:

  • Cuts and coagulates precisely, in one step
  • Minimizes post-operative inflammation and discomfort
  • Offers a clean and bloodless operating field
  • Reduces patient recovery time
  • Reduces the need for anesthesia

Pediatric Laser Dentistry

This technological procedure can be used instead of a drill or scalpel and its gentle action can help dispense any fear and anxieties associated with dental visits.

Laser Dental Implants

Dental Implants using the laser are so precise that the site can be prepared with minimal trauma to the surrounding tissue, and there is very little bleeding with often no need for stitches. The action of the laser greatly reduces the provocative reaction so there is much less discomfort following surgery-in fact some patients report no uneasiness at all! The laser also disinfects the region, promotes healing of soft tissue and regeneration of new hard and soft tissue.

Painless Root Canal Treatment by laser technique

The laser can be used to open the canal and then, using a combination of air, water and light energy, can remove diseased tissue and clean out and disinfects the canal. The anti-bacterial action of the laser improves the chances of the root filling succeeding.

What are dental lasers uses for?

Laser dentistry is utilized in different techniques, including:

  • Treatment of cold sores
  • Fillings and Tooth Preparation
  • tissue healing
  • Cleaning of gum pockets
  • gum surgery

Lasers can make dental medications more proficient, savvy, and agreeable.

How laser treatments are performing?

Hard tissue and Soft tissue procedures are the two main procedures followed in laser dentistry; hard tissue refers to teeth and Soft tissue to the gum.

The two fundamental kinds of systems used for laser dentistry are hard tissue and delicate or tissue procedures. Hard tissue refers to the teeth, and delicate tissue refers to the gums.

Fillings and Tooth Preparation

The laser can, in the correct conditions, be utilized to set up a tooth for a filling instead of a bore. Frequently no anesthesia is required. The laser works with no warmth or vibration, so causes practically no inconvenience and this likewise ensures the encompassing veneer. It is so precise that it preserves more of the healthy tooth structure and destroys bacteria locally to ensure no contaminant is left in the tooth.

Gum Disease/Periodontal Treatments by laser technique

Gum disease starts in the pockets surrounding the tooth which subsequently weakens its attachment to the gum causing it to fall out. With laser treatment these can be mostly managed non- surgically, therefore less discomfort. As lasers penetrate easily in to the pockets of gum with precision the possibility of recurrence of the disease is very rare.

Gum Contouring and Soft Tissue Surgery

Laser technique avoids the need for stitches and can be performed with little anesthesia or no anesthesia.

Treating cold sores

LASERS help minimize healing time and reduce pain from cold sores. When performed by an experienced hand with great precision, this procedure greatly improves the cosmetic outcome as in this procedure no scalpel is being used and this result in less post-operative pain, swelling, bruising and bleeding.

Teeth whitening

Lasers speed up the bleaching process amid teeth-whitening sessions.

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