If a patient is not from India, how could a patient get an appointment?

You can make an appointment through our e-mail at international@shalby.org and we would respond to your query within the next 24 to 48 hours.

If the patient does not know which doctor he/she should consult. What should they do?

Our staff will co-ordinate internally within our hospital and get back to the patient with the required details. Just contact us with as much information about your condition via our email to international@shalby.org

Does patient need a doctor's referral for an appointment?

No, it is not required. However, it is advisable to come with X-Rays and Medical Reports, if available, while coming to visit the doctor.

What kind of payment mode does Shalby Hospital accept?

Cash, Credit Card, VISA Card and International Debit Card are accepted. However, we do not accept American Express card. Kindly note that an additional charge of 1.25% over and above the bill amount of debit / credit card will be applied. We also provide assistance with currency conversions.
Shalby Hospital's USD bank details can be provided for TT (Telegraphic Transfer). Once, our finance department confirms the receipt of payment, we can take the process further and start the treatment.
Alternatively, patients can also carry the required amount in USD, while travelling to India for their medical treatment and to meet other necessary expenses.

Can patients know the estimated costs of surgery prior to their visit to Shalby Hospital?

Yes. The Patient can email us at international@shalby.org to share his/her X-rays / Medical reports and Symptoms. Our expert doctor's opinion would be shared within 48 hours along with an estimated cost of the treatment.