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Best Pathology & Microbiology Testing Laboratory


Shalby Hospitals has its in-house state-of-the-art laboratory services, catering to all the needs of the patients, with the utmost integrity. Shalby Clinical Laboratory offers 24×7 operational support to the medical teams in the hospital. At Shalby we believe, quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution.

Shalby Pathology Laboratory is committed to providing quality with care even in emergency situations. It is said that emergencies may arise without a warning and at any time. Handling critical cases instantly and catching the right ‘Pulse’ by beating the ‘Deadline’ is the key to recovery. Shalby boasts of its unique and hi-tech laboratory, which has got world-class Instruments; well trained, and efficient staff. Shalby Pathology Laboratory is accredited by the NABL (National Accreditation Board of Calibration, Testing Laboratory). It is the proof that Shalby not only gets into the ‘Heart’ of the tests/ research conducted in the most authentic way but provides round-the-clock services considering & Best blood testing laboratory the fact that time and tide wait for none!

Scope of Services:

  • Immunology
  • Biochemistry
  • Hematology
  • Clinical Pathology
  • Serology
  • Microbiology


Shalby Laboratories are equipped with a wide range of automated analysers.

Few of our most prominent instruments are:

  • VITROSECI Immuno-diagnostic analyser (Johnson & Johnson)
  • VITROS 250 Biochemistry analyser (Johnson & Johnson)
  • CELL-DYN 3700 Hematology analyser
  • TURBOX PLUS Nephlometery analyser
  • COASU 411 Urine analyser

Internal Quality Assurance:

  • Quality control samples are run every day at pre-determined intervals before the commencement of testing of actual patient samples
  • Daily analysis of 2 or 3 levels i.e. low, medium, and high level of third-party controls before analysing patients’ samples
  • Ideal blood collection via vacutainer system to avoid activation of clotting mechanism
  • Periodic calibration of machines
  • Complete documentation like log books for instruments, daily, weekly and monthly maintenance books etc.
  • Every 4 hrs monitoring and documentation of various temperature-sensitive instruments like refrigerator and deep freezer where reagents, kits and samples are stored
  • Interfacing of an instrument to software, so that transfer of data occurs automatically i.e. No manual error while preparing reports
  • A dual check of reports by qualified and well trained technical staff and final approval by Pathologist
  • A repeat of abnormal samples by different technologists

External Quality Assessment Scheme:

External quality assessment schemes are accepted around the world as invaluable tools for laboratories, to assess the performance of their test systems. Shalby has a tie-up with BIORAD for analysing hematology, biochemistry & immunology panels which significantly improves our laboratory services in terms of performance evaluation, patient care and safety issues and overall quality of laboratory practices.

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