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Dental Implants

Dental Implants is the most modern, leading edge technology in high end dentistry that can replace any or all of your missing teeth. An implant is essentially a post that is surgically placed in the jaw. It is made of biocompatible material i.e. titanium. Prosthesis is then attached to the post. Shalby Hospital Provides the Best Dental Implants Surgery and Treatment in India.

Dental implants are designed to provide a foundation for replacement teeth, making them look, feel, and function like natural teeth. Further, they offer the ability to indulge in any delicacy, wearing a smile of confidence.

India’s best dental Implant clinic Shalby Hospital offers the facility of Dental CT Scan, allowing the dentist to plan the details of the implant treatment with unparalleled accuracy.

Implant Supported Denture

  • For better retention of the denture, the patient should have enough underlying bone support.
  • In many cases, the underlying bone support is not strong. Hence the denture does not have retention or stability. These cases can be treated through implantation.
  • 2-4 implants are placed in a jaw which clips into rings placed on the tissue surface of the denture. (Clip-in, clip-out). So the denture is fully stabilized and does not rock or lift upwards while eating or drinking.

This gives tremendous comfort and confidence to the patients.

Dental Implants

Implants Dentist

Dental Implant Treatment

Full mouth Implants

If the underlying bone support is adequate and the patient prefers full mouth fixed dentition (patient doesn’t want to wear removable dentures), they can opt for full mouth multiple implants.

Before & After Full Mouth Implants Photos

Before After

Before & After Photos Full Mouth Dental Implants

Before After

To get the best dental Implants treatment at a reasonable cost by India’s top Dental Surgeon. Book your appointment online with the best Shalby Hospitals doctors.

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