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The Radiology Department at Shalby Hospital, houses a large number of advanced high-tech equipment, and we use digital X-ray systems and Mammography Units.

Three most important devices are:

  • Flat Panel Siemens Cathlab
  • Multi-slice Spiral CT Scan
  • Acuson Advanced Ultrasound Machine

Department has state of art:

  • High frequency generator X ray machine with Image intensifier and tilting table from Siemens
  • Ultrasound &  CT
    • Acuson 500, acuson 300 and cypress-acuson
    • All high end ultrasound color Doppler Machines with all probes.
    • State-of the art multislice CT scan machine
    •  Two high speed   AGFA CR systems  for  digital x-rays


  • 1.5 Tasla, 60 channel, NATIVE( Renal & Peri Angiography), Dedicated Shoulder Coil & Breast Coil MAPPAGE, DTI/ Diffusion Tension Imagine

 Mammography – Available investigations:

  • All routine digital X-rays, IVP , Barium Studies etc. Venography for lower limb Veins.
    • 1) All ultrasound examinations including:

      •  Abdomen ultrasound
      •  Pelvis ultrasound
      •  Pregnancy ultrasound
      •  Breast ultrasound (sonomammography)
      •  Rectal ultrasound for prostate
      •  Transvaginal ultrasound for female pelvis
      • Thyroid ultrasound
      • Ophthalmic(eye ball) ultrasound
      • Appendix – (for acute appendicitis) ultrasound
      • Testes ultrasound for infertility/ swelling
      • Hernia ultrasound
      • Muscle ultrasound for shoulder, leg and knees
      • Color Doppler for arteries and veins

      2) Spiral multislice ct  scan(all exams)

      •  Ct brain
      •  Ct thorax
      •  High resolution ct scan for lungs(HRCT)
      • Ct scan upper abdomen
      • Ct scan whole abdomen
      • Ct scan of joints.
      • Dental ct scan
      • Ct angiography for abdominal aorta and renal arteries.
      • Ct pulmonary angiography.

      3) Interventional radiology:

      •  Shalby offers state-of the-art noninvasive treatment alternatives
      • Breast cancer: Expert early detection with wire needle   localization and excisional biopsy
      •  CT guided biopsy for cancer in lung, liver, nodes, mediastinum, bones, spine and pancreas
      •  Conventional angiography of limbs, kidneys, cerebral DSA-angiography
      • Noninvasive treatment of fibroid in uterus
      • Angiographic treatment of severe bleeding from lungs, uterus and intestines
      • Embolisation treatment and radiofrequency ablation treatment of bone tumors in pelvis & spine (avoiding radiotherapy)
      • CT guided ozone therapy for sciatica due to slipped disc causing back pain as per FDA approval and Europe standards


    •  MRI brain
    • MRI Joint
    • MRI Head & Neck Angio
    • MRI Abdomen Pelvis with Contrast
    • MRI Cardiac
    • MRI MRCP
    • MRI Thorax
    • MRI Urography

    Diagnostic Services

    Interventional Radiology is a unique service of Shalby Hospitals that helps in pinpointing the diagnosis and confirming the right course of action to treat the patients. For example, an investigation can be performed using CT scan and/ or ultrasound. This minimizes trauma, yet captures samples more accurately. In the same way, these equipment can be used for guidance while removing fluid from inside the body, for diagnosis or treatment. Pus from liver/ pancreas/ kidneys or fluid from chest can be easily removed without damaging any vital structure.

    Contact Shalby Hospitals, one of the best Radiology hospitals in India, for MRI Test, Radiology and Imaging.

    Therapeutic Services

    Radiologists worldwide have now expanded their expertise. From limited to being only diagnosticians earlier, Radiologists now form a vital part of the treatment of a large number of disease conditions.

    Radiologists offer unique non-surgical treatments for conditions like:

    Stoppage of severe bleeding: The source blood vessels of bleeding areas are blocked off with the help of angiography and inert particles. For example:

    • Bleeding from lungs: Any patient who has been suffering from blood in sputum while coughing, may benefit from such treatment
    • Blood in urine following PCNL treatment for kidney stones: Patients suffering from this condition do not respond to conservative treatment when bleeding is severe or intermittently significant in quantum.
    • Bleeding from intestines: Patient diagnosed with this condition need to be treated immediately

    Tumours: Highly vascular tumours or masses in any part of the body can be shrunk by blocking the blood vessels and blood flow. This treatment is used to treat following conditions:

    • Spine: Haemangioma of vertebra
    • Pelvic Bones: Aneurysmal Bone Cysts
    • Liver: Haemangioma
    • Brain: AV malformations of the brain

    Curing of Uterine Fibroids by Embolization:

    Curing Fibroids and associated heavy menstrual periods in the uterus through angiography, is a widely accepted treatment of fibroid tumours of Uterus. Angiography is widely accepted because of its safety and because it avoids surgery of removal of the fibroid or the uterus through Hysterectomy operation. One of the main benefits of this treatment is that, fibroids treated by this method do not reoccur.

    The treated patient can go home after six hours of hospital stay in 95% of the cases. The patient undergoing this treatment can still conceive a child and this has been backed by research on pregnancy rate after such treatment. This is one of the best treatments recommended for any woman who has had multiple abortions because of fibroids.

    Best Radiology and Imaging Centre in India

    Radiology and Imaging

    CT Guided Ozone Therapy for Backache:

    “Slipped Intervertebral Disc or the prolapse of the Intervertebral Disc, results in sciatica, which is characterized by the pain felt in buttocks or lower back that radiates to the lower limb. Such pain can be cured without surgery by Ozone with CT Scan machine’s guidance. It is a day-care procedure and usually does not require overnight hospitalization.”

    Ozone Treatment helps the prolapsed inter-vertebral disc to shrink. This eases the compression of the nerves and reduces pain. Ozone also has an anti-inflammatory effect due to which the pain completely disappears. Ozone Therapy has become successful and very popular as it only requires a few hours of hospital stay. In 90% of the cases, the patient recovery is of excellent levels.

    “Neither anaesthesia nor any kind of surgery is required in this treatment. Most importantly, there are no side effects reported in over 300,000 patients treated worldwide so far. At Shalby Hospitals, a large number of patients have undergone non-surgical ozone ‘Discectomy’ treatment with excellent results.”

    This approach makes the treatment safer and cost-effective. We, at Shalby use CT Scan Machine guidance to deliver ozone at the right place. The ozone is created by a CE-approved ozone generator. This ensures the right frequency and dosage of ozone resulting in a safe and scientific treatment, a protocol that is followed throughout Europe.

    Until recently, surgery was the only option to treat cases of back pain and sciatica that is caused due to disc herniation or prolapse. And in about 30% – 35% patients the outcome after surgery was unsatisfactory. The cost of surgery is high as compared to ozone therapy and also there is a likelihood of recurrence of pain after surgery.

    Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA) of Hepatic Cancer, Tumours, Bone Cancer, Osteoid Osteomas (OO), and Lung Cancer:

    This treatment uses CT guidance and is performed under general anaesthesia jointly by a cancer surgeon and an interventional radiologist. RFA cures most patients in one treatment sitting itself. If a tumour is large, then two sittings may be required maximum. At Shalby Hospitals, we have an experienced team to handle this treatment safely.

    Palliative Procedures in Cancer Patients:

    Percutaneous Transhepatic Biliary Drainage, Biliary Stenting and Percutaneous Nephrostomy, Pleurodesis for Recurrent Pleural Effusion in Cancer.


    Usually combined with sono-mammography and elastography for breast cancer screening. To detect cancer at a very early age, needle localization is done under imaging guidance for a precise pinpointing of small non-palpable masses with fine wires.

    Angioplasty is also used to treat conditions like Renal Artery Stenosis, femoropopliteal artery stenosis or blocks, carotid artery stenosis or block, etc.

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