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Intensive and Critical Care

What is Intensive and Critical Care?

Shalby is a multispecialty hospital with well-equipped intensive care and critical care unit, integrated with multiple specialties and diverse technologies. The latest technology ensures the optimum health and improved probability of survival for patients who are in the critically ill situation. Ailments that might need critical surgery, such as accidents, infections, and severe breathing problems are also treated with great care at Shalby.

Be it neurology, trauma, cardiology, or poisoning and post-surgery conditions, timely and precise treatment is provided in the intensive and critical care unit. We have expert specialists from all the related departments like anaesthesiology, internal medicine, general surgery, neurosurgery, as well as Intensivist who collaborate together for saving precious lives.

Dedicated Intensivist for Critical Care

Shalby has a team of certified and experienced intensivists who are expert in their field. Many case studies and research prove that an expert intensivist in the operating room enhances the chances of a successful operation. And at Shalby, we have got the best intensivists available round the clock, for the intensive care.

Intensive and Critical Care Unit

Critical care is the most complex procedure in medical technology and it represents the expertise and capability of the hospital. This includes facilities to treat polytrauma and multi-organ disease conditions.

The critical care unit at Shalby Hospitals consists of world class equipment and technologies which include interventional radiology, ventilators, hemofiltration; and best equipment for acute renal complications, monitoring equipment for heart rates, cardiac rhythm, blood pressure etc. We also provide round the clock emergency cardiac care using PAMI, intravenous lines for drug infusion, pumps, drains and catheters. Along with these, central monitor in the nurses’ station allows 24 X 7 constant observations.

Intensive and Critical Care Treatment

Strategically Defined Critical Care

To provide optimum care for medical, cardiac, neurological and surgical patients, Shalby hospital has installed world class clinical equipment and procedures. Our critical care team is well-trained and well-qualified. With perfect standard operating procedures and team spirit, every damage control and critical issues are handled by experienced medical and non-medical staff.

Shalby offers the critical care facilities for a wide range of conditions such as post-operative care, acute renal failure, asthma, pneumonia, ventilator failure, cardiac failure, septicaemia, cerebrovascular accidents, pancreatitis, acute abdomen problems, hepatic coma, poisoning, and polytrauma, including neurotrauma.

Critical Care Unit

Services Offered

All surgical patients who require support for instability (hypo or hypertension), are admitted to the critical care unit or the intensive care unit for a closer observation and monitoring. Also, patients with multiple organ failure are also treated at ICU.

Our team of doctors in the intensive care unit display extensive expertise and promise the best treatment in the industry. The team of doctors, paramedic and nursing staff work hand in hand to ensure that the protocols are strictly followed and any kind of risk is minimized for faster recovery of the patient.

We have the isolation rooms in ICU for the following conditions…

  • Infection in immuno-compromised patients
  • Airways or respiratory problems
  • All cardiac emergencies
  • Life threatening infections
  • Stroke
  • Polytrauma
  • Poisoning


  • 24×7 Intensivist
  • Latest ventilator & Bipep machine
  • 24×7 bed side and Central Hemodynamic monitoring
  • Haemodialysis facility & CRRT machine in ICU
  • IABP
  • Cath lab in ICU
  • Bed side X-Ray / Sonography /Doppler/Echo

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  • Latest ventilator & Bipep machine
  • 24x7 bed side and Central Hemodynamic monitoring
  • Haemodialysis facility & CRRT machine in ICU
  • IABP
  • Cath lab in ICU
  • Bed side x-Ray / Sonography /Doppler/Echo

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Intensive and Critical Care

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