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Procedures to be followed for a Health Check-up

  • All health Checkups are pre-scheduled with appointment
  • A 12 hour fasting (Minimum) is prescribed before the check-up. You can drink water before a health check up
  • Alcohol consumption should be avoided 3 days before a health checkup. You need to wear loose clothing, easy to remove foot wear and avoid wearing jewelry. Wearing a contact lens should be avoided on the day of the health checkup.
  • Need to bring all your previous medical records and medical accessories (hearing aids, spectacles etc) during the check up. The records and accessories should not be older than 3 years.
  • Diabetes patients should avoid taking insulin injection /anti diabetes tablets in the morning the health checkup. However, you may carry them along with you, so that you can have them before or after breakfast in the hospital.
  • It is advisable to bring along other regular medications, if any, which can be taken as per the advice of the doctor at the health checkup department in the hospital.
  • For any additional investigation, other than the scheduled ones, you need to inform the health checkup department in advance.
  • If you suspect pregnancy, then tests like X-rays are not to be done
  • Urine routine test & PAP smear test can’t be done during menses (periods).
  • Company sponsored clients (Corporate Clients) are requested to bring with them the company referral letter.
  • In case you don’t wish to undergo a some test/s which form part of the package, in the amount for the same will not be refunded.

Prevention is better than Cure: Our Wellness Services

The most essential component for a productive and rewarding life all through is Good Health. However, it remains the most neglected asset with most of the people. Modern lifestyle has brought with it stress, unhealthy food habits inadequate rest and sleep which along with increased levels of pollution slowly takes a toll on our health. It has become almost a regular practice with the population today, that unless and until confronted with a medical condition that requires urgent medical attention, most of us tend to ignore or postpone a wellness checkup.

It is a proven fact that most of the health problems can be positively managed with early detection. The Wellness Packages available at across Shalby Hospitals are well researched for providing preventive cover to Good Health.

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