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Hernia Surgery

What is Hernia?

The hernia, when manifested will have 3 parts – the orifice through which it herniates, the hernia sac and its contents. A hernia is a protrusion of a structure through an opening in the wall.

Types of Hernia

  • Inguinal Hernia

Inguinal Hernia Surgery

  • Different Hernias

Hernia Treatment

  • Different Hernias

Hernia Surgery

Hernia can be classified in different ways:

  • Congenital – by birth i.e., development disorders
  • Infantile – during infant stage due to weakness
  • Senile – due to weakness in elderly persons
  • Traumatic – due to injury or strainFurther, it can be classified as:
  • Bulging
  • Sliding

Trapped Hernia

Trapped Hernia

Strangulated Hernia

Strangulated Hernia

It can also be classified as:

  • Reducible – which get back easily to original position
  • Non-reducible – which will not get reduced due to strangulation or obstruction

Why do Hernias occur?

Hernia can occur due to strain which can increase the abdominal pressure such as:

  • Weight lifting
  • Gaining weight
  • Chronic cough
  • Passing urine with great difficulty (enlarged prostate)
  • Straining at stool due to constipation, piles, fissure, etc.
  • Taking full and heavy meal
  • Pregnancy
  • Problems occurred due to operation of stomach
  • Defect in wall since birth

Inguinal Hernia (Complete)

Inguinal Hernia (Complete)

Prolene Hernia System (PHS)

Prolene Hernia System Prolene Hernia System

Hernial Path leading to testicle

Developed by M/s ETHICON, after years of research, the two layered mesh Prolene Hernia system – popularly known as PHS, is in the shape of a button. It is inserted at the spot of the Hernia.

The advantages of the use of Prolene Hernia System (PHS) are:

  • Repeated hernia problems can occur in patients. If a hernia is operated with “Prolene
  • It is a tissue tension free repair which provides early recovery
  • Hospitalization is only for a day for patients operated with PROLENE Hernia system
  • Hernia System”, the chances of recurrence can be avoided. It provides a tissue tension free repair, coupled with speedy recovery. Patients operated with “Prolene Hernia System” needs hospitalization ONLY for a day and the procedure is done under local anesthesia. It eliminates the need for stitches or dressing and patients can resume work within few days of the surgery.

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