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Root Canal Treatment

Painless Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

A root canal treatment helps repair an infected or decayed tooth. During the root canal treatment process, infected nerve and pulp inside the teeth are removed, and the inside is cleaned and sealed. Undergoing a timely root canal treatment helps save the surrounding tooth tissue from getting infected.

At Shalby Hospitals Ahmedabad, you can avail a root canal treatment at the hands of highly experienced Dr Darshini Shah, who is among the top cosmetic dentists in India.

Symptoms that suggest that you need a Root Canal Treatment ( RCT)

  • Tooth sensitivity, a condition wherein an individual feels aggravated sensitiveness while consuming something cold /chilled or feeling pain while eating/chewing, by applying a little pressure.
  • Due to this condition of you tend to avoid consuming cold/hot drinks or chewing food items on the side of the affected teeth/tooth.
  • A sinus near the gum of the infected tooth which often comes and goes with or without pain.
Root Canal Treatment

Depending on the severity of the infection, pain during RCT could be mild / moderate or severe (in few cases). However, most of the patients at Shalby Dental Cosmetics & Implantology never complained of pain during Root Canal Treatment, as we blend the latest of the technologies with our decades of expertise. The Root Canal treatment at Shalby is famed as “Painless RCT Therapy” and that too in most cases in single sitting.

Looking for Root Canal Treatment in Ahmedabad? As one of the best RCT hospitals in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Shalby Hospital provides RCT Surgery & root canal treatment at a cost-effective price.

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