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Shalby Dental USPs

  • A-DEC American Chair
  • A-DEC (Austin Dental Equipment Company). It is considered the state of the art dental chair. The six sets of A-DEC American chairs with patented anti-retraction valve system prevent cross contamination of infectious diseases like AIDS and Hepatitis.

    A-DEC American Chair

    • Intra Oral Camera

    Intra Oral Camera allows us to identify potential problems within the mouth very early. It is inserted into a patient’s mouth, and it displays the images on a computer screen. Intra oral camera saves time and makes problems easily visible to both patient and doctor. Patients can view the areas to be worked on, making the procedures more understandable. Accompanying software provides clear and accurate data.

    Intra Oral Camera

    • Zoom! Light

    Zoom! is a bleaching process that lightens discoloration of enamel and dentin. The Zoom! Light-activated gel was developed after years of research by Discus Dental, the leaders in professional take-home tooth whitening. The gel is a scientifically formulated, pH balanced hydrogen peroxide that, when activated by the Zoom! Light, gently penetrates the teeth to remove deep stains and discoloration. With proper care and an occasional touch-up at home, your whiter smile will sparkle for years.

    Zoom Teeth Whitening

    Zoom Teeth Whitening Procedures

    Sterilized Pouches

    At Shalby, we use individually sterilized pouch for each patient, which leaves no chance of transmitting infection from one patient to another. The instruments are placed in disposable sterilization pouches and are autoclaved – a method considered as the finest in sterilization.

    Plasma Sterilizer

    Prophy Flex

    Prophy Unit eliminates the most stubborn pan masala and tobacco stains from teeth surfaces just by water-jet (sodium bicarbonate powder).

    Water-Jet for Smile Makeover

    After Smile Makeover

    Before Smile Makeover

    Root ZX

    It measures the exact length of the root canal helping the dentist avoid under or over penetration into the root of the tooth, reducing post- operative pain significantly.

    Root ZX for Root Canal Treatment

    Root Canal Treatment with Root ZX

    At Shalby, we use Digora Optime Digital X-Ray Unit. This cordless equipment reduces radiation exposure by 90% per X-Ray in comparison to that of a conventional X-ray. It yields highly magnified images that ensure accurate diagnosis. The images appear on the screen within 10 seconds without tedious film processing, saving an enormous amount of time for patients. We also offer you the facility of Dental CT Scan.

    Digital X-Ray & CT Scan for Dental Treatment

    Laser Dentistry

    Using the innovative laser dentistry in dental care, we at Shalby Hospitals offer you a minimally invasive treatment process for different oral problems such as cavity treatment and gum surgery. Laser dentistry calls for the use of highly focused light beams to extract overgrown tissue, reshape gums, or whiten teeth.

    Laser Dentistry

    Laser Dental Treatment

    X – Smart

    X-SMART takes care of bio-mechanical debridement (cleaning and shaping) of the root canal by engine driven NITI files. It helps in providing the ideal torque with right estimation of the exact force to be applied.


    X-Smart for Cleaning and Shaping Root Canal

    Dental CT Scan (128 Slice)

    The Dental CT Scan is a mandatory and essential investigation before the placement of implants. CT Scan gives the exact width & height of the bone as well as shows the proximity of the bone with vital structures. Hence CT Scan provides un-paralleled accuracy.

    Dental CT Scan


    We have O.P.G. or full mouth X-Ray facility for early diagnosis as well as for treatment of peridontal disease. It is also used to assess the bone loss level, endodontics, implantology, etc.

    Full Month X-Ray for Dental Treatment

    Contact Shalby Hospital for smile makeover, and Troy Cosmetic Dentistry in India.

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