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Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics is a special discipline of dentistry, which aligns the teeth and jaws to improve one's smile and oral health. Orthodontic treatment can be carried out for purely aesthetic reasons with regards to improving the general appearance of patients' teeth and reconstructing the entire face rather than focusing exclusively on teeth. A dentist usually recommends braces to improve one’s facial appearance.

Through orthodontic treatment, problems like crooked or crowded teeth, bites, incorrect jaw position and disorders of the jaw joints are corrected.

Orthodontic treatment can be done at any age. The ideal time for placement of braces is between 10 and 14 years of age. The most popular types of braces are brackets made of metal or ceramic. Ceramic braces that are bonded to teeth are far less noticeable and aesthetically pleasing.

Before Orthodontic Treatment Photos Pre Orthodontic Treatment Photos

Pre Treatment photograph of patient

After Orthodontic Treatment Photos Post Orthodontic Treatment Photos

Post treatment photograph of patient

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Fixed Orthodontic Treatment

This is a type of appliance which is used for the correction of irregular teeth or spacing between the teeth. There are different types of bracket which are used in orthodontic treatment.


This is a type of bracket which is used in treatment for the engagement of wires.

Metal Brackets for Orthodontic Treatment

Metal Brackets Braces

This is a type of brackets which is less visible compared to metal brackets and used in treatment for the engagement of wires.

Ceramic and Metal Brackets for Dental Treatment

Ceramic Brackets for Braces

Removable Orthodontic Treatment

This is a type of orthodontic appliance which can be removed by the patient and used in selected cases and/or in growing patients for correction of malocclusion.

Removable Orthodontic Treatment

Removable Orthodontic Appliance

Functional Appliance Treatment

This is a type of appliance which is used for the correction of deficient and/or excess growth of jaw, for the correction of muscle imbalance around mouth, for the prevention/ correction of habit before it worsen the dental condition.
Functional Appliance Treatment

Functional Appliance Dental Treatment

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