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Infertility & IVF Treatment Center in India

Shalby has been at its best when it comes to Infertility/ IVF treatment in India.

The Surrogacy process

In the process of surrogacy, the embryos of the commissioning couple are transferred to a woman who is ready to become a surrogate mother. The surrogate mother may not be genetically related to the couple.

Once the legal formalities are done, the surrogate mother undergoes the process of embryo transfer, followed by pregnancy and delivery. As soon as the baby is born, the surrogate mother waives off all the rights for the baby to the commissioning couple and in return receives the remuneration as per the agreement.

The surrogacy treatment is indicated in cases such as:

  • Absence of uterus in the female by birth
  • History of hysterectomy (surgical removal of uterus)
  • In cases where in the Uterus is not capable of holding the pregnancy up to term
  • Recurrence of implantation failure
  • Destruction of uterine lining and adhesion formation in uterine cavity due to infection or vigorous curettage ( Asherman’s syndrome)
  • If pregnancy endangers the life of the woman or fetus, due to medical conditions
  • Single father willing to have children
  • Gay couples

Contact Shalby Hospital for Cost Effective IVF & Fertility Treatment in India.

IVF & Fertility Treatment

Surrogacy – Step by step

Consultation with IVF specialist in India for confirming the need of surrogacy treatment.

Understanding the terms and conditions of Shalby Hospitals for the treatment, agreements, and the financial aspects of the treatment.

Consultation with legal advisor to ensure the legality of surrogacy treatment in your country.

Interaction with respective consulate/ embassy before commencement of the procedure. It is required to confirm that the babies born will not face any sort of issues regarding the entitlement of the citizenship of respective country.

Confirmation of enrolment at the Infertility & IVF Treatment Center of Shalby Hospitals.

Selection of Surrogate Mother by meeting, interacting, and background research.

Our doctors can also select surrogate mother on your behalf or you can select them on your own. Once the surrogate is selected, she undergoes many medical examinations to confirm her biological fitness for the pregnancy. Once the pre-procedure is done, the treatment is scheduled and the plans are finalized.

The signing of the consent forms and agreements are done by all the concerned parties.

Synchronization of the menstrual cycle of the genetic mother with the surrogate mother is done.

The surrogate’s endometrial preparation begins with an ovarian stimulation at Shalby. You can opt for the ovarian stimulation at Shalby or at any IVF clinic near your place. The frozen embryos can be relocated to Shalby if there is a proper permit for the Government.

Visiting Shalby Infertility Clinic for egg retrieval, semen deposition and embryology procedures on gametes.

Embryo Transfer in the womb of the surrogate mother.

Shalby Hospitals take up thorough antenatal monitoring and care. You can even accompany the surrogate mother to the hospital if you wish. The report of the pregnancy and the health of the surrogate mother is sent to the commissioning couple on regular basis.

The delivery and the handover of the baby to the commissioning couple is done by Shalby Hospitals. Shalby helps in getting the birth certificate of the baby, supports in baby care, and also gets procedure of DNA fingerprinting done, if required.

Application for the baby’s passport by the commissioning couple.

Shalby totally assists the commissioning couple for the required documents for the baby’s passport.

Travel back to your country with trust and lifelong association with Shalby Infertility clinic.

Infertility & IVF Treatment

Infertility & IVF Treatment Clinic at Shalby Hospitals – one of the best IVF hospitals in India offering infertility treatment is carried out by highly skilled team of infertility specialist, at very affordable cost.

Contact Shalby Hospital for Infertility Treatment, IVF Treatment, and Infertility Surgery in India.

OUR Branches Available in Many Cities of India Like | Surat | Jabalpur | Indore | Jaipur

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