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Looking for Dental Clinic & Dentist?

Shalby Dental Clinic hosts well trained and experienced team of Dentists. We invest our time to perform tasks to the perfection, fusing scientific knowledge of modern dentistry to offer our patients quality and optimal results in all procedures.

Shalby Hospitals are a hub of Dentists in Ahmedabad where in you not only find a general dentist but also a super specialist.

A crown or a cap restores damaged teeth and mimics the shape, size and color of natural teeth. Besides strengthening a damaged tooth, a crown can be used to improve its appearance, shape and alignment. If you have one or more missing teeth, they can be replaced by a bridge. We provide aesthetically pleasing and natural looking, yet functionally durable bridges.

Contact Shalby Hospital’s Dental Clinic for Best Dental Care and Dental Implantology procedures in India.

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We aim at spreading smiles of good health, all across the world At Shalby Hospitals, you'll Always be greeted with compassion and patient centric approach to healthcare

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A surprising statistics by the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research of India states that oral cancer is among the top three types of cancers in India and over 5 people in India die every hour every day because of oral cancer. The main cause of oral cancer - tobacco...

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