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Single Sitting Root Canal – A True Medical Marvel

September 23, 2016

Single Sitting Root Canal

Shalby Team



The term ‘root canal’ is something that springs up a dread feeling in many individuals. Many of those who have undergone root canal treatments in the past talk a lot about how painful and cumbersome the procedure was. However, that was the past! Today, dentistry has advanced to such an extent that root canal treatments have become significantly more comfortable than before!

What is Root Canal Therapy? - In short, Root Canal Therapy (RCT) refers to a procedure wherein the removal of the diseased or damaged pulp of a tooth is carried out followed by the filling and sealing of the pulp chamber and root canals. The alternative to root canal treatment is extracting the affected tooth. How do you know whether you need Root Canal Therapy (RCT)? One indicator is experiencing sensitivity or pain while having a cold/chilled drink. Another indicator is the feeling of pain in the tooth while chewing food. Even if one doesn’t feel pain in the tooth, but there is a sinus near the gum that comes and goes, it may be an indicator that one requires Root Canal Therapy.

Is Root Canal Therapy Painful? - During root canal treatment, the pain felt by the patient could be mild or moderate, with severe pain only in a few cases. However, leading dental hospitals and dental clinics, like Shalby Hospital, use the latest available technologies so that patients feel minimal pain during Root Canal Therapy, and it is as comfortable as getting a tooth filling done. At Shalby Hospital, patients who have undergone RCT have never complained of pain. This is precisely the reason why Shalby Hospital calls their RCT procedure ‘Painless Root Canal Therapy’.

In a Single Sitting! - RCT can be completed in one or more sittings. However, leading dental clinics and dental hospitals like Shalby Hospitals offer RCT procedures that can be completed in a single sitting! Imagine – Root Canal Therapy that is not only painless, but only requires a single sitting! This is possible due to the world-class technology and the skill and experience of the team of dentists at such leading hospitals. For example, the team at Shalby Hospital comprises of the best dental surgeons and the best dentists in Ahmedabad.

The Advantages of Single Sitting RCT - Single Sitting RCT offers many advantages over multiple sitting RCT. One advantage is that Single Sitting RCT does away with additional anaesthesia. The second advantage is that it does away with gingival trauma arising from rubber dam application. The third advantage is that it does away with the risk of leakage through temporary restoration between appointments. The fourth advantage is that Single Sitting RCT saves the patient’s time and money. There is a misconception that Single Sitting RCT requires a large amount of time. The truth is that Single Sitting RCT can be completed within a short span of time due to advancements in Rotary Endodontics.

Today, Single Sitting RCT is truly a medical marvel that saves your time and money, with minimal stress and pain.


Shalby Team

Shalby Hospitals (Shalby Limited) is recognised as a multispecialty hospital chain in the Indian healthcare industry. Dr Vikram I. Shah established the first hospital in 1994 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Dr. Shah has been felicitated by Ethicon India for the development…


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