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Dr. Darshini Vikram Shah - Shalby Hospital

Dr. Darshini Vikram Shah

Head of Department - Dental Cosmetic & Implantology Center
B.D.S., F.I.C.O.I., ICOI Diplomate (USA)


Dental Cosmetic and Implantology


Shalby Hospital SG Highway Ahmedabad

  • Pioneered single sitting painless Root Canal Treatment (RCT) and Single sitting loading implants
  • Having worked in the Western World, it was the ardent desire and passion of Dr. Darshini Vikram Shah to bring the latest advancements and equipment in Dentistry to India for the masses
  • In the Medical and Surgical fields of modern dentistry, dominated by men till yester years , Dr. Darshini over the last 24 years has made a distinct difference and emerged as the most sought after Dental Cosmetologist and Surgeon, today.
  • Starting her enterprise with a single chair in 1994 at Vijay Shalby Hospital, Ahmedabad and subsequently establishing a state-of- the art Dental care centre at SG, Shalby with 5 chairs, Shalby Dental Cosmetics & Implantology Centre under her leadership has grown today to an enterprise with seven Centres of Excellence across India
  • Patients from different parts of the developed, developing and under developed countries not only visit Shalby as a preferred medical tourism centre but also for getting rectified dental treatments failed elsewhere. Many cases of such nature have been successfully treated at Shalby Dental Cosmetics & Implantology Centre at the hands of Dr. Darshini
  • In a Span of over 24 years, Dr. Darshini has trained many professionals in the field of advanced Dentistry

About Shalby Dental Centers Of Excellence

  • Shalby Dental Cosmetics & Implantology Centres conceived and established by Dr. Darshini Shah are acclaimed Dental & Oral Care Centres, worldwide
  • When dentistry in Gujarat was at a very primitive stage, compared to the developed countries, she brought in the latest and high end technology and as time progressed kept on fortifying the centres with advanced equipments and the best dental practices.
  • Shalby is amongst the pioneers to start Painless Single sitting Root Canal Treatment (RCT) for faster recovery with absolutely “No” chances of recurring infection and pain
  • Dr. Darshini Shah has introduced Painless Single Sitting Immediate Loading Dental Implants in this part of India which over a period of time has become the most preferred dental procedure amongst patients due to its functionality, durability and natural looking fitments
  • The Centre is frequented by patients from United States, United Kingdom, Dubai, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Madagascar and several other countries, besides India thus becoming a hub of dental medical tourism
  • Over the last 24 years, the Department of Dental Cosmetics & Implantology of Shalby has been working as a comprehensive dental centre offering all round treatment and services in the fields of general dentistry, dental implantology and total oral rehabilitation
  • Being the best dental hospital in India, we at Shalby Dental Cosmetics & Implantology, invest our time to perform tasks to the best of perfection, blending scientific knowledge of modern dentistry with the expression of art and beauty

Comprehensive Dental Care with the touch of Class and Craftsmanship is what makes Shalby an undisputed leader among Dental Care hospitals in India.

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Corporate Office :

B-301/302,Mondeal Heights,
S. G. Highway,
Ahmedabad 380015,
Gujarat , India

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