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How Long Does Hip Replacement Surgery Take to Perform

June 25, 2020

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Shalby Team

Hip Replacement


Hip replacement surgery is very common these days where the damaged hip joint of the patient is replaced with an artificial implant. This surgery becomes necessary when the hip joint is worn out or damaged in patients and their mobility is decreased or when they are in severe pain even when they are resting.

Almost all patients who are scheduled to go under the knife for hip replacement have one question in mind – “How long does it take to perform a hip replacement surgery? To know the answer to this question, it’s important that you understand what happens during the surgery. Even though you might not want to know the technical nitty-gritty, having an idea of what would actually happen during the surgery is crucial so that you can be comfortable with the procedure. Read on to get your doubts clarified and schedule your appointmennow for the surgery with a clear mind.

How Is Hip Replacement Surgery Performed?

Once you have checked into the hospital for the surgery, you will be admitted in a ward and will have a brief meet-up with your physician before being shifted to the operating room. Discuss with the physician regarding any clarifications that you might need. You will be given a general anaesthetic or spinal anaesthetic. Once you are anaesthetized, the surgeon will begin the surgery by making an incision to gain access to the hip bone. Keep important things about hip replacement in your mind while going for a surgery.

The surgeon will then dislocate the damaged hip joint and replace it with an artificial implant. During the process of healing post-surgery, the new bone will grow naturally around this implant, thus fastening it even more securely into place.

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Before stitching up the incision, the surgeon will test the artificial joint for proper fit and movement. After the final evaluation, the incision site is sterilised and stitched up.

The Duration of the Surgery

The duration of your hip replacement surgery depends on how complicated your specific case is, the severity of the damage done to the hip joint, the kind of hip replacement surgery that is being done (posterior lateral or anterior), whether you are getting a full hip replacement or partial hip replacement, your physical condition, weight and other such vital aspects. So, there’s nothing like a fixed duration for hip replacement surgery for all patients, though it could roughly take a few hours to perform the surgery.

If you need a clear picture of the duration, you can always consult with physician before undergoing the surgery. He will be able to give you the approximate time that would be taken depending on your individual condition.

Now that you have an idea of what will happen during the surgery and how much time it will roughly take, stay relaxed. Once the surgery is completed, you might have to stay in the hospital for 3-5 days depending on how well you recover. After you get discharged, follow the advice given by the doctors and physiotherapists so that you can quicken your recovery pace and return to normal life at the earliest.


Shalby Team

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