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Hip Arthritis Pain And 9 Amazing Ways to Reduce It

June 24, 2020

Hip Arthritis Pain 9 Amazing Ways to Reduce It

Shalby Team



Hip arthritis or Osteoarthritis is one of the most common causes of pain in the hip joint. It is a progressive disorder which worsens with age. It is caused by the normal wear and tear of the cartilage present in the hip socket.

As it is a progressive condition, hip arthritis sets in during middle age and worsens as you grow old. There are many hip arthritis treatment options. We have covered a few of the effective remedies to reduce the arthritis pain in this article. If you experience any complications, it is better to get in touch with arthritis specialist before deciding on a treatment.

    • Weight Management: Osteoarthritis is more prominent in older people. Medical research has proven that obesity has a significant effect on the early onset of osteoarthritis. Ten pounds of additional weight puts an extra strain of more than 25 pounds on the joints. Higher BMI can also contribute to inflammation. Dietary changes or a weight loss training regime can lessen the pain in the hip joint.
    • Pain Relief Medication: There are many non-surgical methods for pain relief like medication to lessen the pain and inflammation of the joints. Pain-relief medicines can be used to supplement the dietary regime. A few over-the-counter medications like Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen are available for patients with mild symptoms. For moderate to severe symptoms, patients can take Tramadol or Duloxetine after consulting a doctor.
    • Physical Therapy: Physical therapy in rehabilitation centres can also reduce pain and discomfort. It can also increase the mobility of the joint. After prior examination on palpitation, motion and strength measurements, the therapist will recommend exercises to abate the pain and lessen the progress of osteoarthritis. Physical therapy is recommended for people with advanced symptoms. For patients with mild to moderate symptoms, therapy is expensive and excessive.
    • Exercising: Flexibility and stretching exercises can help relieve stiff and painful joints. Before starting to exercise, consult a physical therapist for suggestions. Start with gentle stretching exercises and build your flexibility slowly. Stop the exercises if you experience increased pain. A few stretching exercises are forward fold, knee pull, cobra pose and side angle pose. Exercising also helps maintain posture and lessen the pain.
    • Walking Aids: Use of walking aids like canes or walking frames can lessen the pain. They take the pressure off the hips and help support the joints. When using a cane, make sure that you use a cane of proper length and use correct posture while walking. An improper posture will impact your joints in the long run.
    • Heat Pads: Applying heat can relax your muscles and also lubricate your joints. Warmth can also be comforting as it can relieve you of the joint pain as well. While applying heat, the pack should be warm enough to relax your muscles but shouldn’t be so hot that it’ll burn your skin.
    • Acupuncture: If you are not willing to go under the knife, acupuncture is a proven alternative to relieve that pain. A practitioner places needles into the skin and stimulates it with gentle currents. Although the effects of acupuncture don’t last long, it is a realistic way to reduce the pain.
    • Stem Cell Therapy: The newest medical breakthrough – stem cell treatment can be a cure for osteoarthritis. This regenerates the cartilage and lessens the pain. It is also known to have minimal side effects. Although there are mixed results from this arthritis treatment, in the near future, this can be another non-intrusive treatment for osteoarthritis.

All the above-listed remedies can help you better manage hip arthritis pain. Try out these and find out which of these works best for your pain management.


Shalby Team

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