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What Are The Common Causes of Hip Pain in Women

July 30, 2020

hip pain

Shalby Team

Hip Replacement


Hip pain is caused differently in different people. According to research, women are at higher risk of developing hip pain compared to men. Hence, it is essential to take proper care to steer clear from such chronic hip problems. It is vital to conduct the diagnosis at the right time that will help in determining the issue. Hip pain generally occurs in your upper thigh or upper buttock that can gradually extend to the lower back.

The causes of hip pain are many that further make it difficult to detect the issue at the right time. To protect yourself from the severe consequences of hip pain that can lead to hip joint replacement, it is essential to learn about the causes and the proper treatment. Book an appointment with the best orthopedic doctor if you have been struggling with hip pain.

Common Causes of Hip Pain in Women

Many influencing factors contribute to hip pain in women. The possibilities of hip pain are more in women than men. Here are a few common causes of hip aches in women.

1 Arthritis

The primary cause of hip aches in women is due to the arthritis condition. Women affected with osteoporosis are more likely to witness hip aches. The ball and socket joint tends to wear out in arthritis that can lead to hip aches. Arthritis pain is also related to pain in thighs and groin. It is essential to follow a regular physical regime during arthritis to mitigate the risk of hip pain.

Read More about Arthritis Joint Replacement

2 Hip Fractures

If you have sustained injuries or fractures in the hip area, then the reason for your hip ache is quite reasonable. The symptoms of hip fractures are pain during straightening or lifting your leg. When you start witnessing such signs, it is advised to seek medical assistance at the earliest.

3 Bursitis and Tendinitis

Tendons are the connectors surrounding the hip muscles. When you overuse them, the tendons can develop inflammation leading to hip pain. Tendinitis is the condition of inflamed tendons that can eventually result in chronic hip pain. You must consult your doctor and seek proper physical therapy for tendinitis.

4 Hernia

Femoral and inguinal hernia in the groin area can be a leading cause of hip pain in women. Pregnant women are more prone to inguinal hernia due to the extra pressure added to the abdominal wall. Hence, it is essential to take special care during pregnancy and steer clear from such an issue. Visit your Gynecologist regularly to detect and get treatment of hernia surgery during pregnancy.

Hip aches can take a severe toll on your health, and it can severely impact women. Hence, it is essential to take all the precautionary and preventive measures to keep things under control. Hip aches and problem related lower back are indeed quite common among women. Book an appointment with the best orthopedic doctor to learn more about the issue. The above mentioned were some of the common causes of hip pain in women.


Shalby Team

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