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Things to Consider Before a Heart Surgery

March 9, 2017

Heart Surgery, Cardio Surgery, Heart Surgery Tips, Dos and Donts

Shalby Team



Heart surgery also known as cardiac surgery, done by cardiac specialists. People suffering from heart-related diseases like coronary and artery are required to undergo heart surgery. At times Heart transplantation is also required in severe cases.

However, Heart Surgery performed with the help of with modern technology has benefited masses and patients have rendered its positive impact. The surgery demands standard recovery time of 6 weeks to 6 months, subjective to the recovery phase.

Heart Surgery is significant, there are certain key things that should be considered by the patient before the final surgery day.

Things to avoid a Night Before Surgery

One can have a normal meal, to ensure that the meal is not high on Macro-nutrients like Carbs and Fats and even Oil, try to eat light and easily digestible meals. Green vegetables, sprouts, soups, and even fruits are highly recommended.

  • Do not eat or drink anything after 12 0'clock midnight, be it mint or soda and even water.
  • Do not swallow tap or unfiltered water during brushing.
  • Do not take hot showers, try to take cold or moderate. Try to use anti-bacterial soap.

During the surgery Morning

  • You can finish your chores, do not opt for hot showers and strictly use anti-bacterial soap.
  • For women, do not wear makeup even kajal and nail polish.
  • Do not carry any valuables like mobile, wallet, watch etc
  • Dress comfortably, try to wear loose clothing, just enough that your body can circulate blood. Skin tight clothes are a strict NO.

At the Hospital

First, you will be taken at the pre-operation area, and then you will be assisted with required clothing, i.e., a gown to wear. (In case, if you walk in alone, please update the scenario to the nurse, who can assist you whenever required)

If You are already Hospitalized

  • Here, you will be updated at the time of your surgery prior. You can have your friends and family along during the surgery. Make sure your belongings stay with them.

During the Surgery day

  • You will be intervened by the nurse and if you are nervous about the surgery, please be upfront about your anxiety, so that you will be brought to relief by the assisting nurse.
  • Do let your doctors know about the medication you have been relying on. Be it aspirin or anticoagulant. Ensure your doctor even knows about the over the counter medications like multivitamins, protein supplements, herbal medicines you have been taking.
  • Do not Smoke
  • No eating and drinking a night before your surgery.
  • If you are having valve surgery and need dental work, you may be told to have it done before surgery. This is because dental work often allows bacteria to enter the bloodstream, which may cause infection around a new valve.
  • Do not panic, stay optimistic.

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Shalby Team

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