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Sportspersons Special Healthcare

Sportspersons & Special Healthcare Needs

A person involved in sports, irrespective of gender, is referred to as a sportsperson. A sportsperson can be an athlete, a fitness trainer, a player or any person involved in sports. These people require strength, vigor, endurance, and perseverance. Extra physical activity and fitness require the extra intake of energy.

A special diet should be taken for special care. For going an extra-mile, sportsperson needs extra performance, which comes from special diet and exercise. You are what you eat. The food provides all the essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and other nutrients. Good nutrition enhances a sporting performance. Hence, a careful consideration is must when selecting what to eat.

A combination of different food items gives a balanced diet. This would include:

1. Protein-rich foods – A protein-rich diet helps you in many ways such as increases your metabolism, stabilizes your blood sugar levels, aids in the healing of bones and slow aging. Eggs are considered as the healthiest and great source of protein.

2. Carbohydrates – Carbohydrates break down into sugar (glucose), body’s primary energy source. This happens during digestion and later this glucose is converted into glycogen which can later be used as an energy source.

3. Vegetables and Fruits – Consuming the right balance of food and drink is important for everyone, be it a common man with a sedentary lifestyle or anyone involved in sports and works strenuously. Eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables helps maintain health and improves performance. Dark green vegetables should be eaten regularly.

Thus, a well-planned wholesome diet would meet a sportsperson’s daily requirements and provide sufficient protein and nutrients to promote and repair physical fitness. They also need to stay hydrated throughout and consume the necessary amount of water.

There are sports medicine professionals or the specialists in catering the needs of the sportsperson and helping them with their injuries and any other evaluation or treatment if the need be. The doctor may also refer to a physiotherapist, for the speedy recovery from the injury. These physical therapists work in sync with the doctors to design the exercises that vary from individual to individual.

All the doctors and therapists should have the required certification and must have pursued their degrees, all in good faith. Make sure you get the treatment from the certified specialist at reputed Clinics such as Shalby Sports Clinic where comprehensive treatment is available for Sportsperson and Sports Injuries.

In essence, a combination of all is must, this would include a dietitian who works and defines a plan exclusively for you based on your body requirement, a trained and certified medical professional to help with the specific injuries and right nutrition that aids in optimising the benign effects of physical activity.

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