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Knee Joint Replacement

Shalby Hospital is the global leader in Knee Replacement. Shalby is one of the world's best and renowned knee replacement hospitals in India with highly qualified knee replacement surgeons and a trail of success stories in knee replacement surgery.

World Renowned Centre for Knee Replacement

A visionary and the founder of quality health services establishment - Shalby Hospitals, Dr. Vikram Shah's name is closely associated with Knee Replacement Surgery. The inventor of the OS needle used by orthopaedic surgeons worldwide, Dr. Shah brought laminar air flow and body exhaust systems in the OT for the first time, to perform knee joint replacement surgery in India. He established the first Indian hospital with a ‘Class 100’ operation theatre, making knee replacement surgeries much more safe and successful. Today, Shalby Hospital is considered as the Best Knee Replacement Centre in India.

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What is Knee Replacement? (Knee Arthroplasty)

Knee Replacement is a surgical procedure often performed to get relief from the pain; restricted mobility and disability arising out of degenerative arthritis. Major causes of debilitating pain include meniscus tears, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, post-trauma, ligament tears, and cartilage defects.

Knee Replacement

Shalby – Revolutionizing Total Knee Replacement Surgery with ZERO Technique

This is what Shalby Hospitals are globally recognized for. We have been carrying out painless knee replacement surgery for 22 years now. The patients do not have to go through the traumatic post-op pain, thanks to the use of high-end technology, highly rated skills of its surgical team, and the best pain management practices. Patients from around the world come to us for knee replacement operation because of the successful record and credibility of Dr. Vikram Shah and his team of finest knee replacement doctors in India. Dr. Vikram Shah spearheads the knee replacement surgeons’ team, with a remarkable experience of carrying out over 85000 Knee Replacement Surgeries. Dr. Vikram Shah is rightly earned a name as ‘The Knee Guru’.

Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Dr. Shah is known for adopting and incorporating new & innovative techniques in Shalby Hospitals. The result of his tireless efforts & innovation, is the introduction of ‘0’(Zero) Technique. This technique is much faster and the surgery time has been reduced to about 8-10 minutes, which is a revolution in the history of surgical science. Dr. Shah has established that TKR is actually a minimally invasive procedure. It has been medically proven that less the time the patient spends in OT, the lesser is the tissue trauma and quicker is the healing. Patients are assisted to walk within four hours of surgery to ensure the maximum flexion of muscles and also as a confidence-building measure.

At Shalby Hospitals, the patients are treated under highly sterile conditions in ‘Class 100’ OTs that follows the strictest infection control standards. We have also pioneered the use of Surgical Space Suit worn by our knee replacement surgeons during the surgery to rule out the minute most possibility of infection. Negative Air pressure in the OTs makes sure that the air outside the complex makes the OT completely sterile.

Salient Features of ZERO Technique in Knee Replacement:

  • Quick Knee Surgery in 8 to 10 min
  • Pre-planning of implant selection, instrument selection, anaesthesia, and pain management process
  • Minimal incision = less exposure of body tissues
  • Less hospital stay
  • Painless
  • Less consumption of medicines
  • Less infection & side effects
  • Less blood loss
  • Assisted walk within few hours of surgery
  • Less emotional & mental stress on patient & relatives
  • Good flexion of the knee
  • Use of superior quality implants (prosthesis)
  • Dedicated team of Physiotherapists
  • Quick post-surgical mobilization
  • Knee Revision Surgery

Anatomy of Knee Replacement

Knee Revision Surgery

Knee revision surgery, also known as Revision Total Knee Arthroplasty, is a procedure in which the previously implanted artificial knee joint, or prosthesis is removed. It is then replaced with a new implant or prosthesis. Knee revision surgery may also involve the use of bone grafts. The bone graft may be an auto-graft, which means that the bone is taken from another site in the patient’s own body; or an allograft, which means that the bone tissue comes from another donor.

Reasons for Knee Revision Surgery

A knee joint replacement may malfunction or fail due to one or many reasons, some of them are listed here…

  • Aseptic loosening
  • Wear of plastic
  • Mal-alignment
  • Unstable joint

Different types of Knee Replacement surgeries

There are two kinds of knee replacement surgeries, TKR (Total Knee Replacement) and P KR (Unicondylar/ Partial Knee Replacement). Knee Replacement surgery can be performed as a partial or a total knee replacement. In general, the procedure consists of replacing the diseased or damaged joint surfaces of the knee with metal or plastic components termed as an Implant or Prosthesis, that are shaped to allow continued motion of the knee joint.,

Types of Knee Replacement Surgery

Partial Knee Replacement (PKR)

Partial Knee Replacement also referred to as Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty or Unicondylar Knee Arthroplasty, is a surgery that may be considered for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee joint where a complete knee joint does not require replacement.

Conditions for Partial Knee Replacement

The partial knee surgery may be possible if arthritis in the knee is confined to a limited area. If the arthritis is widespread, then the partial knee replacement is not the solution. Patients undergo Total Knee Replacement for severe arthritis of the knee joint.

Total Knee Replacement (TKR)

In Total Knee Replacement, whole cartilage and bone is removed from the knee joint, and a single metal and plastic implant (prosthesis) is substituted. The surgeon replaces three parts of the knee joint.

Total Knee Replacement (TKR)

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