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Obesity Clinic

Don’t lose hope, lose excessive fat @ Shalby!

Obesity is defined as the excessive fat accumulation in the body which leads to so many other related disease conditions. More than 10 Lac cases of obesity are detected every year in India. Obesity has become a common health threat for every second individual in the world, despite the fact that obesity is preventable.

An individual should pay adequate attention to the BMI and should consult an expert as soon as the signs and symptoms of being overweight show up. This way, obesity can be addressed and managed very effectively, at the early stages. In later stages, it becomes increasingly difficult to treat obesity and widespread damage to the other organ systems. With adequate control over nutrition and proper medication, one can control obesity well.

Shalby has the perfect team of experts to offer result driven obesity treatments. Obesity can be managed through bariatric surgeries and medications as well, but consistent medical monitoring is necessary to keep the health and weight in check. Shalby Hospitals offers the best care and treatment for obesity.

These are the weight management programs offered by Shalby’s Obesity Clinics…

Shalby Hospital , SG Highway , Ahmedabad +91 9924023456
Shalby Hospital , Vijay Cross Road , Ahmedabad +91 9924593339
Krishna Shalby Hospital , Ghuma, Ahmedabad +91 9904722345
Shalby Hospital , Naroda , Ahmedabad +91 9913460101
Shalby Hospital , Vapi +91 9512036099
Shalby Hospital , Surat +91 9512660096
Shalby Hospital , Mohali +91 8725040394
Shalby Hospital , Jabalpur +91 9575801020
Shalby Hospital , Indore +91 9174400100
Shalby Hospital , Jaipur 0141-7124444