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Epilepsy is a neurological disorder in which the abnormal activity of the brain cells results in seizures. The seizures can be recurrent and unpredictable, hence diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy needs extra caution. There are two main types of epileptic seizures viz., General Seizures which affects the entire brain, and Partial (Focal) Seizures which affects only a limited portion of brain.

There are many conditions which can be called the cause behind epilepsy. Brain tumor, lack of blood supply and oxygen, very low amount of glucose in blood, very high fever, and head injury may cause seizures; seizures may also happen as a reaction to withdrawal of addictive drugs. About 6.5 Cr people across the world are affected by epilepsy.

There is no definite cure or prevention of epileptic seizures, but it can be managed and controlled effectively through expert’s guidance. Shalby hospital has a demonstrated history of treating patients with epilepsy, with utmost care and expertise.

These are the vital diagnostic and treatment programs offered by Shalby Hospitals…