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Total Knee Replacement (TKR)

In Total Knee Replacement, whole cartilage and bone is removed from the knee joint, and a single metal and plastic implant (Prosthesis) is substituted. In the process, the surgeon replaces three parts of the knee joint.

Total Knee Replacement (TKR)

The two parts of the prosthesis are placed onto the ends of the femur, tibia, and under surface of the patella using special bone cement. Usually, metal is used on the end of the femur, and plastic is used on the tibia and patella for the new knee surface. However, with the availability of advanced substitutes, surgeons are now using newer surfaces, including metal on metal or ceramic on ceramic.

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Situations when TKR is helpful

  • Pain that limits activities such as walking, climbing stairs and getting in and out of chairs, or even moderate or severe knee pain at rest
  • Restricted knee function or mobility, such as chronic knee stiffness and swelling that prevents one from bending and straightening the knee
  • Failure of other methods to improve symptoms, like resting, weight loss, physical therapy, a cane or other walking aid, medications, braces and surgery, etc.
  • Knee deformity, such as a joint that bows in or out

Reasons for Failure of Total Knee Replacement (TKR)

Like any other mechanical prosthesis (implant), knee implant also has a possibility of failure/malfunction. There are several reasons which may attribute to the failure of the prosthesis.

Some of the major ones are:

  • Infection
  • Aseptic loosening of the joint
  • Plastic wear
  • Mal-alignment or instability of the joint
  • Bad quality of the implant

At Shalby Hospitals, under the expertise and guidance of Dr. Vikram Shah, who is credited with the Surgical Process innovation “Zero Technique”, the Total Knee Replacement procedures give excellent and incomparable results. The surgery relieves knee pain and allows easy walking after full recovery. Shalby Multi-specialty Hospitals today enjoys the reputation of performing over 1,00,000 Joint Replacement surgeries.

Total Hip Replacement (THR)

Walk Your Life – The Normal Way

Total Hip Replacement (THR) is a surgical process wherein your damaged socket will be reshaped and an artificial socket will be implanted in your bone. The material (prosthesis) used for this can be Polyethylene, Metal or Ceramic. This decision depends on the quality of bone, your age and the surgeon’s choice. The femoral head is replaced by metal or ceramic.

Different types of prosthetic material are available now and the surgeon will chose the ideal material for you. The final decision will be taken during the surgery. Experience and scientific research literature guide the surgeon for selecting the correct prosthesis. Younger patients will be given un-cemented Hip replacement, whereas elderly patients will be considered for cemented Hip replacement.

Total HIP Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement is a major surgical procedure. Like in any other major surgeries, there is a possibility of complications in Hip Replacement as well. However, the complications are very minor in general. Infection and clot formation in veins are some of the possible complications. The best way to avoid these complications is to strictly follow your doctor’s advice.

After the surgery, you will be able to walk in two days with the help of a walker. You will have to use the walker for four to six weeks. After that you will use a stick for the next two weeks or till you feel confident of walking without the stick.

For ensuring a long life for the newly replaced joint, you should not squat down in an Indian toilet, sit on the floor or sit cross-legged (lotus position). Your newly replaced joint will allow this type of mobility, however, it is recommended to avoid such positions for your own benefit.

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