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Cancer Surgeries:

Surgery is commonly used for the prevention and treatment of cancer. Various types of surgeries are performed based on the type of cancer, its intensity and its location.
Surgery helps in removing the tumor and surrounding tissue and has been considered as an effective way to treat various types of cancer. Surgery is done after locating the cancerous tumour, finding its spread, and diagnosing cancer. It may also be used to restore body’s appearance and relieve the body of the side effects that may have been caused by the disease or its treatment.

The cancer surgery is also dependent on the growth and spread of the tumour. Staging Surgery is used to find out the size of the tumour and its spread. This, along with the results of other laboratory tests helps the doctor to decide on the kind of treatment the patient should receive.

Primary Surgery or Curative Surgery is one of the most common types of cancer surgery to remove the tumour or affected parts. In some cases, tumour removal can be the only treatment or in few cases it can be done along with the combination of chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Reconstructive or Plastic Surgery is also done in cases wherein it is required to restore the body’s appearance after a surgery. Preventive Surgery is common in the treatment of cancer, especially to avoid development of cancer.

In some situations, minimally invasive surgery is done through one or more small incisions. Minimally invasive procedures and surgeries are…

  • Laparoscopic Surgery wherein a doctor performs surgery through small incisions in the skin using lighted tube with a camera.
  • Endoscopy in which the doctor inserts a thin, flexible tube, a light and a camera on the tip into an opening of the body and examines the internal organs. This helps to extract samples of potentially abnormal tissue for further examination.
  • Laser Surgery where removal of cancerous tissue is done using a narrow beam of high intensity light.

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A distinguished Senior Oncosurgeon at Shalby Hospitals in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Dr. Panchal specializes in expert mouth cancer treatment. In this inspiring video, he shares the remarkable journey of his patient, Mr. Atif Abdullah. After undergoing ‘composite resection’ surgery and plastic surgery for cosmetic purposes, Mr. Atif is now cancer-free! His...

Mr. Shridhar Sharma shares the story of his wife, Sushila Devi Sharma, and her courageous battle against cancer. After being diagnosed with a challenging condition, Sushila Devi began her journey towards healing under the care of Dr. Malti Bhagat at Shalby Hospital, Jabalpur. Watch the video to know how compassionate...

Ms. Akhtari Bee from Kareli was suffering from Breast Cancer Surgery. Dr. Abhishek Jain, Senior Breast Cancer Surgeon, at Shalby Hospitals cured her with Breast Cancer Surgery along with Breast Conservation i.e. her breast was not removed. The surgery took place at Shalby Hospital Jabalpur where Dr. Abhishek treated her...

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One of the commonly used methods for cancer treatment happens to be surgery. It calls for the surgical removal of the tumor as well as the surrounding tissue. A specialist treating cancer with the help of surgery is known as the surgical oncologist. Surgery is the oldest cancer therapy and...

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Life is something which cannot be defined perfectly. Each person in the world has a different meaning of this small Word, that is colossal in itself. But this indefinable word is extremely precious for each and every living being on this earth. Cancer is a medical term about which all...

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Mrs. Ramchandri Bai, a 92 year old woman from Garoth, Mandasaur district in Madhya Pradesh had been suffering from excruciating pain due to a cancerous lump in her right breast. Being aware of the fact that Shalby is the best super-specialty hospital in whole of Madhya Pradesh and Dr. Nayan...

Mr. Parvez Bhati of Bikaner, Rajasthan was suffering from mouth ulcers since a month which failed to heal. Mr. Bhati consulted his physician and was prescribed a biopsy along with few medicines that were supposed to heal the ulcer. However, no desired results were seen, neither did the reports show...

Dr. Meena Gupta is a retired professor from Jabalpur who was recently operated for breast cancer by Dr. Abhishek Jain, Senior Consultant Breast and Thoracic Oncosurgeon at Shalby Hospitals Ahmedabad with breast conserving cancer surgery. This is a surgical procedure that involves minimal surgical intervention to remove just the cancerous...

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