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Best Spine Surgery Hospitals in India

Management of Spine

Setting your posture right is important. One of the most common and critical illness that affects mankind is Back Pain. The back pain affects people from any field or any gender, worldwide. Wrong body posture and faulty body mechanics are cited to be the primary reasons for back pain.

Spinal deformity, Spinal trauma, and spinal infection are other factors that aggravate back pain. Through non-operative procedures (Non-invasive), simple problems of the spine can be effectively managed. However, complex spine ailments might require surgical intervention.

Department of Spine: Shalby

Shalby Hospitals houses state-of-the-art surgical instruments, intensive care unit, imaging equipment and adopts latest technologies for spine management. The team of experts, best spine surgeons & doctor at Shalby performs Minimally Invasive Spine Surgeries (MISS) which not only helps fast recovery but also ensures restoration of spine movements with pin point precision.

Shalby’s proven capabilities in Spine management include; pain free replacement of intervertebral discs, specialized physiotherapy, medical and surgical expertise and optimum post-operative care.

Shalby India’s best spine Surgery hospital of India treats patients from the world over for spine ailments such as; spine surgery, back pain treatment, spine infection, keyhole spinal surgery, kyphoplasty surgery, and disc replacement. Visit the multi-specialty Shalby Hospitals in India for hassle free spine management and to get the best spine treatment at a reasonable price in India.

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Spine Surgery

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