Shalby Trauma Clinics

Shalby hospital is a multispecialty tertiary care hospital chain that operates a well-equipped trauma clinic with expert staff. With modernization, we humans have become used to modern technologies and gadgets that lead us to traumatic conditions, disability and accidents. Thus, the need of trauma clinics is constantly increasing every day.

What is Trauma?

Trauma is an injury that has potential enough to cause prolonged disability or death. The causes of major trauma are numerous, including vehicle accidents, wounds, drowning, burns, falls, toxins etc.

How a trauma clinic can save lives?

Based on the nature of the injury, proper equipments and medical facility becomes highly essential in order to prevent loss of life or further damage to the body parts. Initial assessment is very critical in case of trauma to determine the extent of injury and proceed for timely treatment.

Injury manifestations:

  • Changed mental status of the traumatic patient
  • Increased heart rate and cardiac out put
  • Increased rate of Metabolism etc.