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Knee Replacement in Jaipur

Also known as knee arthroplasty, knee replacement is the surgical procedure to restore a defaced knee joint, due to arthritis of the knee.  The procedure involves the use of plastic and metal parts to cap the bone ends of the affected knee joint. While mild arthritis cases can be treated with other treatment options, a total knee replacement surgery is only required for a severe knee injury/ immobility.

A complete knee replacement is mostly advised for the condition of osteoarthritis with high joint deformity, progressed rheumatoid arthritis, sometimes a severe injury can also be the reason for a complete joint replacement.

A total knee replacement restores mobility in the knee joint and reduces joint pain in the damaged, worn, or diseased joint. The surgical drill is the start of the treatment process for the patients in severe condition. Physical therapy is followed by the surgery to gradually restore mobility in the knee,  as your body and bones take time to get used to the new joint.

Why Choose Shalby Multi-Specialty Hospital Jaipur for Knee Replacement?

Shalby Multi-specialty Hospital is one of the best hospitals in India for Knee replacement surgery. The hospital has been doing good work and gaining recognition in multiple domains.

As a multi-specialty hospital, they have completed thousands of joint replacement surgeries and the number keeps rising by day by day. Their team of experts has rich and vast experience of treating numerous conditions due to their skills they have been enjoyed great success rates.

Preoperative evaluation of knee replacement:

  • At Shalby Multi-Specialty Hospitals, the doctors take a good look at the damaged knee joint and carefully devise an action plan.
  • Then the patient’s medical history is reviewed along with the other medications. If there are any blood thinners prescribed, then it has to be stopped or discontinued.
  • A series of regular checks like blood, liver and kidney, and urine tests are used to check for any infections or other risk factors. X-rays are also mandatory along with ECG test to check for any major heart or lung condition.
  • The patient’s weight plays a big factor too and so it’s also checked before the surgery. The general standard is that a patient should not weigh over 200 pounds or 90 kgs for the surgery to be successful in the long run.

What is the cost of knee replacement surgery in Jaipur?

The cost of a knee replacement surgery in Jaipur depends on several factors. These include; the surgeon, his expertise, location of the hospital, the surgery type, implants, the treatment tenure and more.   It is advised to avail the best treatment possible and an institution which also provide post-surgery services and physical therapy for rehabilitation.

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