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Knee Replacement in Jabalpur

Knee replacement is a surgical treatment that is performed to replace the worn-out knee joints in order to relieve pain. The replacement may be partial or total depending on the severity of knee joint damage. This surgery is performed for treating knee diseases such as osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Patients with severe damage to the knee joints associated with impaired function and progressive pain are generally advised to undergo total Knee Replacement (TKR) surgery. The goal of this surgery is to increase knee function and relieve pain by resurfacing the bones meeting at the knee joint.

Cost of Total Knee Replacement Surgery in Jabalpur

Any person who has been advised by doctors to undergo knee replacement surgery would want to know the treatment cost. The average cost of a total knee replacement surgery will vary depending on the hospital, cost of implants and the fee charged by the surgeon. So, discuss the surgery cost with your doctor before scheduling it.

Best Knee Replacement Hospital in Jabalpur

If you are looking for the best hospital in Jabalpur for knee replacement surgery, Shalby Hospitals should be on the top of your priority list. The Department of Orthopedic here provides diagnostic services for knee problems and also therapeutic and surgical treatments to treat the damaged joints. This department is supported by an advanced radiological suite with imaging and X-ray facilities, latest technology for performing minimally invasive knee replacement surgeries, post-operation physiotherapy and rehabilitation services.

Shalby Hospitals has a team of highly qualified, experienced and specialized surgeons known for their skills in performing successful surgeries. Dr Vikram Shah, the founder of the hospital who is globally known for his immense contributions towards minimally invasive knee replacement surgery and various other innovations in joint surgeries including Zero Technique, heads the team of doctors here.

Whether it’s the latest technology, experienced surgeons or high success rates, Shalby Hospitals is the best place for knee replacement surgeries in India.

Best Knee Replacement Doctor and Surgeons in Jabalpur

Shalby Hospitals has a team of the best knee replacement doctors and surgeons in Jabalpur. They offer comprehensive care for all knee problems by following proven medical practices and globally benchmarked protocols.

All the surgeons at Shalby have the expertise to perform complex knee replacement surgeries. They follow the latest surgical and medical techniques to deal with all kinds of knee problems. They have access to state-of-the-art imaging and diagnostic facilities. In addition to the conventional medical management, the doctors at Shalby also work in close association with physiotherapy and rehabilitation departments for better outcomes and speedy recovery after the surgery.

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