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Knee Replacement in Ahmedabad

Knee replacement surgery is an effective and safe procedure to relieve knee pain. Due to regular wear and tear, the cartilage present in the knee joint wears off. It causes joint pain and inflammation. If the knee inflammation is affecting your lifestyle by restricting your movements, knee replacement surgery is a better choice as compared to non-surgical ones like exercise and acupuncture. In a knee replacement procedure, the bones and cartilage are replaced with metal & plastic prosthesis. As the joint ends are capped with synthetic material, they arrest further damage to the cartilage and bones. Although it is a major surgery, with the advancements in technology, the procedures take less than three hours.

Why Do People Opt for Knee Replacement in Ahmedabad?

arthritis is not a genetic disorder but progresses over time. One in six people have Arthritis in India; a statistics by WHO puts 15 to 17 percent of the population under this estimation. There is no permanent remedy for knee osteoarthritis, although there are remedies to lessen the pain and inflammation. Lifestyle change, long working hours and improper diet can lead to early onset of this disease. Many people from Ahmedabad are opting for a Knee replacement as it is a natural and long-term alternative. Sedentary lifestyle, obesity, injury and other factors can exacerbate arthritis. These reasons have led many in Ahmedabad to consult Orthopaedic surgeons.

Cost of Knee Replacement in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is one of the fastest-growing cities in India and an industrial hub. It attracts top talent in medicine and surgery from across the country. The knee replacement procedure procedure is affordable in Ahmedabad when compared to other developed cities. On an average, the cost of the surgery in Ahmedabad is in the range of Rs. 1.5 – 2.3 Lac per knee. The price can vary depending on the severity of your knee damage and the hospital where you are taking the treatment.

Choose Best Knee Replacement Hospital in Ahmedabad

There are many hospitals in Ahmedabad to replace your knee joint. To select one that suits you, extensive prior research is essential. Your physician can recommend a few hospitals in his network. You can start by researching the facilities they provide and the plans they have for knee replacement.

  • There are a few essential factors you should consider while researching for a hospital. They are:
  • Cost of the surgery
  • The expertise of the surgeons
  • The reputation of the hospital
  • Rehabilitation facilities after surgery
  • Additional treatment facilities and support staff like anaesthetist, nurses etc.

Best Knee Surgeon & Doctor in Ahmedabad

To find the right knee surgeon, you should take note of their experience and their success rates in knee surgeries. Successful surgeons command more fees, but it is always better to go with the best when it comes to knee surgery.

Also, understand that the highest-paid surgeon may be the best but might not be the right fit for you. Be conscious of your condition and try to find a surgeon who gives you the best treatment outcomes.

Why Choose Shalby Hospitals for Knee Replacement?

Shalby Hospitals is one of the leading Osteoarthritis care centres in Ahmedabad. It offers the best-in-class knee surgeons in Ahmedabad. We treat them with customised prosthetic implant, based on the patient’s knee shape, size and severity of the knee joint. The discharged patients are experiencing a tremendous life change, with significantly improved mobility & painless joints.

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