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Wellknown Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Faya Treated at Shalby Hospital

Wellknown Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Faya from tanzania Treated at shalby Hospital for his Spine Problem

At a time when India and Tanzania have deci ded to take the ir relationship to the next le vel, a senior orthopaedic surgeon from Dar es Salaam has found solace in healthcare in Gujarat.

Dr Sylvester Faya, 65, had been experiencing excruciating pain in lower back for the past 10 years that affected his performance as a surgeon. Prolonged treatment in his country could not give him relief, but miles away in Gujarat a private hospital could bring back that smile on his face.

Dr Faya had just arrived in Ahmedabad for Orthotrends 2015, a two-day national conference on `Recent Advances in Orthopaedics’ last week, when he had a nasty pain shooting down his legs. He was immediately scanned at a private hospital and subsequently opera ted upon.

“Dr Faya underwent a highly sophisticated micro endoscopic transforaminal lumbar fusion surgery . It’s a minimally invasive spinal fusion surgery being perform from 20mm tube through a keyhole.Dr Faya was seen walking within four hours of the surgery .He easily climbed stairs and moved around the hospital as if the surgery never happened,“ said Dr Niraj Vasavada, head of department, Shalby Spine Clinic.

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