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You may doubt the essentiality of a pre-surgical dental check up before any orthopedic surgery. But it holds great significance as certain dental procedures could cause bacteria found in the mouth to travel through the bloodstream and settle in your artificial joint. This increases your risk of contracting an infection, according to the American Dental Association (Receiving antibiotics before dental treatment? JADA, Nov 2003).

All should visit their dental practitioner before their Arthroplasty (Joint Replacement Surgery) for the elimination of gross dental diseases and advice on oral hygiene. (Ref: Editorials – Antibiotic Prophylaxis, dental treatment and Arthroplasty – time to explode a myth, British Editorial Society of Bone and Joint Surgery 1997).

Why get a Dental Check-up done before undergoing Joint Replacement Surgery?

‘What do your joints have to do with your teeth?’ Quite a bit, if you have a joint replacement. Patients with joint replacements should be sure to mention their new joint replacement to their dentist before undergoing any dental procedures.

Prior to undergoing a joint replacement surgery, patients should have all their dental issues addressed. Patients who have undergone joint replacement surgery are at risk for developing infections of the implanted joint as it can travel though the blood stream and affect the implanted joints. In case joint replacement surgery is inevitable then dental problems should be treated with suitable antibiotic. (Ref: Established by the American Academy of orthopedic surgeons and the American Dental Association).

Pre Operation – You will be sent for routine blood tests and any other investigations required prior to your surgery. You will be asked to undertake a general medical check-up with a physician. Any other medical, surgical or dental problems should be addressed and attended prior to your surgery.(Ref: Association of consultant orthopedic surgeons).

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