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Setting your posture right is important. One of the most common and critical illness that affects mankind is back pain. The back pain affects people from any field or any gender, worldwide. The primary reason for back pain is wrong body posture and faulty body mechanics. Spine infection, spinal trauma and spinal deformity are other important factors that aggravate the back pain.

The simple spinal problems can be effectively treated by various non-operative procedures. But the complicated ailments might require surgical intervention for the treatment.

Services Offered

Shalby Hospital has state-of-the-art critical care, intensive care unit, surgical instruments, imaging equipment, and operation theatres equipped with ultra-modern equipment. The experts at Shalby carry out safe and successful surgeries through minimally invasive surgical procedures and motion retaining spine surgery.

Shalby specializes in pain free replacement of intervertebral discs. This procedure demands optimum post-operative patient care. At Shalby, specialized physical therapy, expert doctors, and infrastructure help the patient to balance and condition their spine effectively. The spine surgeons at Shalby Hospitals are well-trained orthopaedic surgeons, proficient in every aspect of spine surgery.

For any spine related ailments, spine surgery, back pain treatment, spine infection, keyhole spinal surgery, kyphoplasty surgery, and disc replacement, visit the multi-speciality Shalby Hospitals in India.

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