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Some Important Tips for Caring for Your Loved Ones After Knee Replacement Surgery

March 13, 2020

Shalby Team

Knee Replacement


A knee joint replacement surgery can be taxing physically and mentally for the patient. But with proper attention, care, support, and love, the recovery period may become tolerable and happy for the patient, and by using some effective tips, you can do so.

tips after Knee Replacement Surgery

Recovering from surgery of knee replacement can be challenging for a person. This is why love, support, and care by family and friends are required. The first few days are the most crucial ones because they are in pain and therefore, uncomfortable. This may cause frustration in the patient. Below are a few things you may do to make this time easier for the person.

Prepare the Room Well

When the person who went through the surgery is coming home, make sure there is a separate room for this person that contains everything needed. You should put pillows for leg elevation and choose a bed with the right height so that the person does not have to put any pressure while getting up or sitting down. Then, put a table or tray near the bed where the patient can keep all the medications and bandages. You must ensure there is a phone in the room so that the patient can call for help whenever required. Also, the room must be near to a bathroom or the room has an inbuilt bathroom. Lastly, make sure that the room is not too brightly or dimply lit, and the bed-sheet and blanket are dry and clean.

Do the Household Chores

The person who recently went through knee replacement surgery would not be able to work that involves bending, stretching, or standing for a long time period for a few weeks. So, doing household chores would rather be painful and challenging for them. You should take on the chores and cook nutritious food for your loved one. Ensure that they eat well and take proper rest.

Help with Wound Care and Medications

You should ensure that the patient takes the right medicine at the right time. You can set reminders for the same. You can mark the medicines with different colors to make sure no one gets confused even when you are not around. Keep a check on the wound as well. The surgery site should not be inflamed or swollen.

Some Important Tips for Caring for Your Loved Ones After Knee Replacement Surgery

Keep Water and Snacks at Reachable Distance

If a person has nothing to do except rest, they may often feel hungry out of boredom. Moreover, if you are working and your spouse has recently had the surgery, you would not want your partner to walk all the way to the kitchen to grab something to eat and drink. So, keeping a few jars of snacks and a large water bottle in their room would be helpful.

Motivate and Provide Emotional Support

A knee replacement surgery can be stressful both physically and emotionally. Due to pain, lack of progress, and the inability to be independent, the patient may become impatient and frustrated. In such times, providing emotional support and motivating them to get better, helps a lot. Ask your friends and family to visit the person and encourage them during their recovery period. This will not only distract them from the duress of recuperation but also make them realise how much they are loved.


Any major surgery requires a lot of care and support to heal completely. Through the tips mentioned above, you can ensure that your loved one does not feel lonely, dependent, and frustrated during the recovery period.


Shalby Team

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