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Knee Replacement – Causes, Types & Treatment

Millions of patients around the world have benefited from Joint Replacement (Arthroplasty) as a surgical treatment for end-stage arthritis. India, a nation of 1.4 billion, has a sizable population of people who suffer from hip and knee arthritis.

What is Knee Replacement?

With the help of knee replacement surgery, the damaged or worn-out knee joint portions can be substituted. The surgery makes the knee more functional and relieves from knee pain. During the surgery, the damaged cartilage and bone are replaced with plastic and metal components.

A surgeon will evaluate your knee’s strength, stability, and range of motion to determine whether or not you should have a knee replacement. X-rays can assist in determining the degree of damage. Additionally, your age, weight, degree of exercise, the size and form of your knees, and general health will determine the best replacement joints and surgical procedures for you.

Reasons to opt for Knee Replacement Surgery

While the knee joint is worn out or damaged, it is typically required to have knee replacement surgery because this reduces your mobility and causes pain even when you are at rest. Having a knee replacement surgery makes moving around more comfortable and pain-free.

With a knee replacement, regular exercise may be more convenient for you. It makes maintenance of excellent health effortless. Obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and a number of other medical disorders can all be managed or prevented with this. Strong knees also provide better stability and support, decreasing the likelihood of falling.

Types of Knee Replacement Surgery

Surgery to replace your knee is a good option, if it doesn’t respond to drugs and other therapies. Overall, there are 2 different categories of surgeries for replacement:

● Unicompartmental (Partial) Knee Replacement

● Total Knee Replacement (most common)

1. Total Knee Replacement

Modern medical technology has produced accurate and highly efficient artificial knee implants that closely mimic how a real knee moves and are individually fitted to each patient. One of the most efficient and safest common orthopedic procedures nowadays is a TKR.

A Total Knee Replacement involves the removal of the damaged bone’s surface caused due to osteoarthritis or some other factors. The replacement of the knee with an implant is tailored to your anatomy. The arthritic bone is precisely removed by the surgeon using specialized surgical tools, and the healthy bone that remains is then perfectly shaped to fit into the implant parts.

2. Partial Knee Replacement

For a limited percentage of individuals, partial knee replacement (PKR), also known as a unicompartmental knee replacement, is an option. In order to maintain a maximum of the original healthy bone and soft tissue, only a portion of the knee is replaced, as the name suggests. Most candidates for this kind of treatment have osteoarthritis in just one knee compartment.

Therefore, surgery is performed in one of three anatomical compartments of the knee where diseased bone causes the most pain: the patella femoral compartment, which is situated at the knee front between the thighbone and kneecap, or the medial compartment, which is located on the inside of the knee on the medial side.

Who might need a Knee Replacement?

Osteoarthritis, the wear-and-tear form of arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, an inflammatory disease that damages joints, post-injury arthritis, or a combination of these conditions make up the majority of knee replacement patients. It is more commonly found in women. If you have knee arthritis, you’ll likely begin by using more conservative treatments like prescription drugs, steroid injections, or physical therapy to treat your symptoms. But eventually, they might not be sufficient. Afterwards, surgery can be an option.

An X-ray can demonstrate cartilage deterioration and/or knee instability in a knee that is persistently swollen despite the usage of anti-inflammatory drugs, steroid injections, and physical therapy.

The younger people’s more active lifestyles may throw too much stress on the artificial knee, causing it to not survive as long and second replacement surgeries may not be as successful, knee replacement is typically performed on older patients over the age of 60. However, knee replacements can be done at any age depending on your particular situation, so talk to your doctor to see whether you’re a good candidate.

Shalby Hospitals – Best Knee Replacement Hospital in Indore

Experience the greatest orthopedic care in India at Shalby Hospitals. The top orthopedic surgeons and experts at Shalby are highly qualified and experienced in tissue engineering and joint replacements, particularly knee replacements.

At Shalby Hospitals, the best knee replacement surgeons collaborate closely with surgical teams made up of anesthesiologists and surgical nurses. In order to streamline treatments; Shalby has also partnered with hospitals, trauma centers, medical facilities, and independent surgical centers.

The Shalby Hospitals in Indore have provided several patients with effective medical care on a national and international level. Every year, Shalby performs successful orthopedic procedures on thousands of patients, many of whom need joint replacements to recover from injuries or to regain lost function. Shalby his a genuinely trusted leader in orthopedic care on a global scale.

Book your appointment with the best knee specialists in Indore at Shalby Hospitals today.

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