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How Shalby's ENT Team Helped Himesh

How Shalby’s ENT Team Helped Himesh Get Back His Hearing Power

Mr. Himesh Parmar is in his 20’s. While riding on a motorbike, he met with an accident, five years back and lost hearing in the left ear. After a series of consultations at various hospitals in Ahmedabad, he was advised for wearing a hearing ad permanently for the deficiency!

He ultimately consulted Dr. Bhaumik Shah, ENT Surgeon at Shalby in October 2017. After thorough investigations, the problem was identified as the damage of the ear bone called Ossicle ( a very small bone especially one of those in the middle ear). Through a microscopic surgery, the damaged bone was replaced and the hearing impairment was restored to the original level!

“At SG Shalby, Ahmedabad, I got the right diagnosis, the right guidance and the right treatment. I and my family are really thankful to Shalby for this unthinkable feat. Dr. Bhaumik and his team have done a wonderful job that helped me hearing the world, once again”, said an emotionally overwhelmed Himesh Parmar.

Himesh states that Shalby’s ENT department is at par with the advanced medical technology and makes use of cutting-edge treatment modalities for treating ENT-related problems. He admires the fact that the team has a considerate and sensitive approach towards patient care, which helps them in offering the most effective and satisfactory outcome.

At Shalby Hospitals ENT department, we perform most ear surgeries as day care procedures. Depending on the hearing loss, or damage to ear parts, our team of ENT surgeons and medical care staff plan the ideal treatment modality.

We bring a range of ear surgeries as Stapedectomy – the restoration of hearing loss performed under local anaesthesia with the minimal hospital stay. Mastoidectomy – a surgical process for treating Cholesteatoma (skin cyst type) caused due to the chronic ear infection.

Shalby strives for offering affordable treatments while also upholding crucial quality parameters such as safety, longevity, and effortless procedures.

Our ENT department facilitates Day Care ENT procedures and the patients can return home on the very same day, as soon as they recover from anaesthesia.

If you face any problem with regards to ear, nose or throat; don’t neglect it. Seek immediate medical assistance from a thorough ENT professional.

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