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Shalby Jabalpur Performs Successful Radical Cystectomy On A Cardiac Compromised Patient

Radical Cystectomy is the procedure of removing entire urinary bladder and surrounding lymph nodes and the defect is reconstructed using a segment of intestine & urine pipe with that segment of the intestine. This is an extensive surgery required for advanced bladder cancer.

Shalby Hospitals, Jabalpur took up such a challenging case and that too with compromised cardiac state with cardiac dysfunction & low ejection fraction (ef 25%). Our Surgical team comprising; Dr. Rajesh Patel, Director of Urology Department & Dr. Jeetendar Paryani, Consultant Onco Surgeon, successfully performed the surgery.

Surgery & post-operative course went uneventful and patient was discharged healthy.

All of this was possible due to our energetic & dynamic anesthesia team; Dr Pankaj Sharma, Dr Anivesh Jain and Dr. Mrigendra Yadav. The cardiology support was well taken care of by Dr Suhel Siddiqui, Consultant Cardiologist. Our ICU doctors, OT Staff, Radiology and Pathology departments deserve special compliments for their continuous support.

Thus, yet another challenge was accomplished successfully at Shalby Hospitals Jabalpur.



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