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Shalby Swagat: Guwahati Gets its Centre of Excellence in Joint Replacement

Shalby Swagat: Guwahati Gets its Centre of Excellence in Joint Replacement

Shalby Swagat, Joint Replacement

As the most renowned and celebrated Joint Replacement Centre, not just in India, but all over the world, Shalby Hospitals has truly proved to be the global leader in Knee joint replacement.

Using the ‘Zero Technique’, invented by Dr. Vikram Shah – the founder of Shalby Hospitals; the team of orthopedic doctors and surgeons at Shalby has helped thousands of people regain their lost mobility.

Zero Technique has completely revolutionized the way Knee Joint and Hip replacement is done. The technique reduces the surgical time, ensures minimal incision (cut) during the process, lessens blood loss and minimizes the chances of infections.

With the use of high-end technology, highly skilled surgical team, and the best pain management practices; Shalby Hospitals offers excellent and incomparable results.

And now, Shalby’s Joint Replacement Centre has made its way to Guwahati. As Shalby Swagat – Bone & Joint Care Centre, we aim to help people get relief from the pain; restricted mobility and disability arising due to various disorders that affect the joints.

The expertise of Shalby in Joint Replacement can now be availed at Shalby Swagat, under the expert supervision of Dr. Sunny Agarwal – Consultant Orthopedic & Trauma Surgeon.

Don’t let your quality of life get affected by joint pain or discomfort, for restoring the mobility of your joints, reach out to Shalby Swagat, Guwahati on +91 9435588800

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