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Blood Cancer – Causes, Symptoms, Types and Treatment

What is Blood Cancer?

Blood cancer is a condition that occurs due to DNA mutations within the cells of the blood. This results in abnormal functioning of blood cells. The functionality, as well as the production of blood cells, may get affected by blood cancer.

In our body, the region where most of our blood malignancies form, bone marrow is found. It helps in producing stem cells that further develop into platelets, white blood cells, and red blood cells. Healthy blood cells keep control of bleeding, fight infections, and transmit oxygen all across the body. When something interferes with how your body produces blood cells, this leads to blood cancer conditions.

Causes of Cancer

Typically, it is difficult to determine the precise reason why one individual gets cancer whilst others do not. However, studies have shown that several risk factors may raise a person’s likelihood of getting cancer.

Exposure to chemicals and other substances as well as particular habits are risk factors for blood cancer. They also comprise factors like family history and age that people cannot change. A potentially inherited condition may be indicated by a genetic history of specific cancers.

Alcohol consumption can raise your chances of getting blood, mouth, throat, esophageal, breast and liver cancer. Your risk increases the more you drink. Alcohol and tobacco usage both greatly increase the risk of developing cancer conditions.

Symptoms of Cancer

● Fatigue is a state of being so worn out that you struggle to carry out your everyday tasks. You may also experience weakness.

● A persistent fever is an indication that your body is battling an infection or reacting to cancerous cells that have grown abnormally.

● Sweating that comes on abruptly while you’re sleeping and soaks your bedding and clothes are known as “drenching night sweats.”

● Unusual bleeding or bruising. Everyone experiences bumps, bruises, and injuries that cause bleeding. Hemorrhage that doesn’t stop or bruises that don’t go away after two weeks are considered unusual bleeding or bruising.

● Unexpected Weight loss of 10 pounds during a six to 12-month period is defined as an Unexplained weight loss.

● Recurrent infections could be an indication that your immune system is being compromised.

Types of Blood Cancer

Some of the most prevalent types of blood cancer include leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma.

1. Leukemia

Leukaemia is a type of blood cancer that forms in the blood as well as the bone marrow. This occurs when our body builds aberrant WBCs in excess, which further interferes with our bone marrow to produce platelets and red blood cells.

2. Lymphoma

Lymphoma is the second type of blood cancer. Non-Hodgkin lymphoma and Hodgkin lymphoma are the two forms of lymphoma.

● Non-Hodgkin lymphoma: It is a blood cancer type that originates from lymphocytes, a sort of WBC that allows the body to fight ailments.

● Hodgkin lymphoma: It is the type of blood cancer that emerges from the lymphocytes, which are lymphatic system cells. A Reed-Sternberg cell or an aberrant lymphocyte is a defining feature of Hodgkin lymphoma.

3. Myeloma

The third type of blood cancer is Myeloma which forms in our plasma cells that impact blood and bones.

There are also less prevalent types of blood and bone marrow cancers. They are Myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS), Myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs), Amyloidosis, Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia, and Aplastic anemia.

Treatment of Cancer

Blood cancer can be treated depending on various factors namely, type of blood cancer, age, growth rate, the affected area, etc. The following are some typical blood cancer therapies for leukemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma:

1. Stem Cell Transplantation: Transplanting healthy blood-forming stem cells into the body is known as a stem cell procedure. The bone marrow, circulating blood, and umbilical cord blood can all be used to harvest stem cells.

2. Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy employs anti-cancer medications to prevent and stop the development of cancer cells within the body. Blood cancer chemotherapy occasionally involves administering a number of medications in a pre-determined order. A stem cell transplant may also be preceded by this therapy.

3. Radiation Therapy: Radiation therapy can be used to treat pain or discomfort or to kill cancer cells. It might also be administered prior to a stem cell transplant.

4. Targeted Therapy: Targeted medication therapies concentrate on particular defects that are prevalent in cancer cells. Targeted medication therapies can kill cancer cells by preventing these aberrations. To determine whether targeted therapy might be beneficial for you, your leukemia cells will be examined.

5. Immunotherapy: In this therapy, one’s immune system is used in immunotherapy to combat cancer. Due to the cancer cell’s ability to create proteins that aid in their concealment from immune system cells, the body’s disease-fighting immune system may not attack cancer. Immunotherapy affects that process in order to work.

Shalby Hospitals – The Best Blood Cancer Treatment Hospital in Jaipur

One of Jaipur’s top cancer treatment facilities, Shalby Hospitals offers comprehensive blood cancer treatment in Jaipur. The Center features state-of-the-art equipment, first-rate facilities, and a highly qualified team of surgical and radiation oncologists who work together to provide superb, tailored care.

At Shalby Hospitals, the whole spectrum of cancer treatments, procedures, and specialists are available to patients, among whom are recognized experts in their professions. Patients can now receive the most modern and cutting-edge blood cancer treatment in Jaipur, India.

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