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World Diabetes Day: Tips for Diabetic patients to eat healthy while travelling

November 14, 2017

World Diabetes Day

Shalby Team

World health days


Diabetic patients always wonder if they can control their diet while travelling. And most of them unknowingly indulge in foods that can spike up their blood sugar levels. Sticking to your defined meal plan and taking your medications on time, is the only key to keep diabetes in control. So, before planning a trip, one must research about how feasible the location would be for a diabetic patient and the options for food available. As the World Diabetes Day 2017 is approaching, here are some tips from one of the best diabetes doctor in India, for diabetic patients on how to plan your long and short travels; and still stay healthy all the way through.

Travelling by Road

Planning a travel by car, be it long or short, is the most comfortable way of managing your activities. You have full control of when you can start off, when to stop, and what route to follow. Diabetic People can select the path that has best food options and restaurants en route. Tip 1: Research about which restaurant you can go to eat, wherever you are heading to. And check if that restaurant has low sugar food options available. Tip 2: It is advisable to bring your lunch packed from home. Tip 3: Bring healthy snacks like popcorns (preferably not microwaved ones), yogurt, wheat crackers, or dried nuts (not roasted); food that are low in salt and sugar, that you can munch on. Tip 4: You can purchase a book or install an app that gives complete information about each food recipe, so that you can choose wisely from the options available. Tip 5: Keep a small cooler in your car so that your food items and juices don’t get spoiled in hot temperatures.

Travelling by Air

Though almost all the airlines do serve food onboard, you still need to check if they do or not? Tip 1: Check with the airline's meal service if the food would be served and the food menu that would be available. Also, check if the snacks and beverages served, can be consumed by diabetic patients. Tip 2: You can bring along some food in your carry luggage. Though avoid bringing any fluids due to safety protocols. Tip 3: The option of purchasing from the airport is good but is generally limited. However, you can still buy some stuff like a water bottle or low-calorie munchies. Tip 4: If you have missed taking precautionary steps about food, no worries! Just ask a flight attendant if they have options available for diabetic patients. Tip 5: Last but not the least, do keep some home-made snacks in your handbag, to curb the hunger if the flight gets delayed, or takes longer time to reach the destination.

Traveling by Train

Tip 1: It is recommended to bring your own water bottle, lunch, snacks, and dinner, packed from home if you are diabetic. Food on trains is risky, and usually not compatible with diabetic patients. Tip 2: Be cautious while using railway toilets as diabetic patients generally have to urinate frequently. Better avoid train travel.

Diabetic traveler? What to eat while travelling and what not?

  • Avoid having anything that has high carbohydrate content. Check on the internet for the details on same.
  • Pack fruits, whole grain cereals, oats, granola, nuts in your luggage.
  • Hog on salads and grilled veggies on a long trip. Grilled chicken or turkey sandwich is a great option for non-vegetarians. You can customize your menu according to your requirements and condition.
  • For a short trip, bring a water bottle and some 100 calorie snacks along, for quick bites.
  • Avoid having chips, nachos, white bread while travelling.
  • Drink sugarfree beverages.
  • Avoid starchy foods like noodles, tortillas, pasta, and potatoes.

How to plan wisely?

  • Consult your regular doctor before travelling and then plan meals and medicines for the trip.
  • Diabetic travelers can also contact Travel Assistance Service Providers for any issues.
  • Keep your insulin injections properly packed and don’t forget to keep back up medications, incase insulin spoils due to varying temperatures.
  • Keep your medical ID along at all times for emergency aids.
World Diabetes Day is the biggest awareness campaign, started in 1991 by IDF and WHO. It is a major drive in response to the ever increasing number of diabetes cases worldwide. Every year the campaign focuses on factors that increase the risk of diabetes and the best care for diabetic patients. It also brings diabetes in public and political limelight thereby intimidating people of every age group and gender to learn more about it. Also, it helps to prevent this deadly disease that is spreading its roots in human population, every passing year.

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Shalby Team

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