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Home » Testimonial » Total Knee Replacement Ends Years Of Pain | Shalby Hospitals Jabalpur

Total Knee Replacement Ends Years Of Pain | Shalby Hospitals Jabalpur

Mrs. Sharda Tiwari, a 72-year-old resident of Jabalpur who went places, consulted multiple doctors only to be rendered untreatable for her knee problem, is extremely elated to find herself completely fit and fine, walking by herself, just the next day of her Total Knee Replacement Surgery on both legs– all because of Shalby Hospitals Jabalpur.

Dr. Amit Jaikumar Jain, Senior Joint Replacement Surgeon, Shalby Hospitals Jabalpur treated Mrs. Sharda Tiwari successfully on both legs with Total Knee Replacement.

Shardaji expresses utmost relief and immense satisfaction for having taken her treatment at Shalby Hospitals Jabalpur owing to of its expert and super-specialty care and services. She is grateful to Dr. Amit Jain and Shalby Hospitals Jabalpur for taking such great care of her and giving her the joy of renewed mobility.

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