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Expert orthopedic treatment for children in indore

Expert Orthopedic Treatment for Children in Indore

What childhood is without play and pranks! Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons where one finds joy in the ordinary and happiness stems from within. Slides, Monkey Bars, Swings, Cricket, Basketball, Football, etc. are all an integral part of a child’s childhood. With them comes running, jumping and in the process sometimes injuring oneself.

Generally, most of these orthopedic issues are not serious. However, it is important address any injury at the orthopedic hospital in Indore at the right time because a child’s bones are still in the developmental stage. Any sort of negligence might worsen the condition!

Stay Alert as a Parent

As a parent if you ever observe that your child is being lethargic or not moving enough compared to other toddlers, is refusing to eat or complaining about pain in the hips or joints or has visible problems in arms, feet, hands or legs, it is time to be alert and consult a doctor specialized in treating musculoskeletal disorders and performing orthopedic surgery of children.

Children’s bodies are constantly developing and any unresolved orthopedic issue at a young age could result in permanent damage. This affects their gross motor skills and also leads to adverse psychological impacts like isolation, depression and poor resilience.

Orthopedic surgeons who are expert in treating children’s orthopaedic issues come to the rescue at this point of time by providing specialized treatment to children and teenagers that relieves pain, improves mobility and promotes their overall fitness.

Why is There a Need for Orthopedic Doctor Specialized in Treating Children?

The first and foremost reason as explained above is because their bodies are still growing and are different from the fully developed adult bodies. Children have a very different musculoskeletal makeup and hence their response to any injury, infection or deformity is quite different from that of an adult. Hence, they require a more focused and unique approach to treating their bones, muscles and joints.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), out of every 1000 babies born in India annually, 6 to 7 have a birth defect. Some orthopedic issues are a part of their growing up and may subside on their own. While some orthopedic birth defects like clubfoot, dislocated hip, curved foot or in-toeing, scoliosis, bone infections, brittle bone disease, etc. are some of the disorders that require special attention and treatment.

Only certain orthopedic birth deformities can be corrected shortly after birth if there is a surgical intervention while some problems cannot be cured but they require a specialized care plan to help such children live better with the condition.

Common Orthopedic Problems in Children

Flat Feet

This is one of the most common orthopedic conditions in children. Generally, infants are born with flat feet and they develop arches as they grow. However, some children do not develop arches till the time they start walking. If the issue is not addressed by an expert at the orthopaedic hospital, it can lead to poor posture, unnatural gait and children become more prone to falling and injuring their feet, knees, ankles and hips.

While this condition gets automatically corrected in some children by the age of 6, some children require proper treatment that includes exercises and custom orthotics (medically prescribed shoe inserts fabricated from a mold of the child’s foot). Only in certain cases where non-surgical treatments do not work, orthopedic surgery is required.

In-Toeing and Out-Toeing

When a child’s feet point inwards instead of pointing straight, it is called in-toeing or pigeon-toed. Similarly, when a child’s feet point outwards instead of pointing straight, it is called out-toeing or duck-toed. These conditions are either genetic or caused due to the baby’s position in the uterus.

Children may outgrow this condition as they grow or else the cast or corrective shoes can be used to correct the condition.

Knock Knees

Knock Knees is a condition when there is a gap between the two ankles when a toddler stands with his knees together. This condition is common in children aged 3 to 6 years. Just like flat feet, this condition gets corrected on its own and does not hamper a child’s physical activities. Only in a few cases, surgery is required to straighten the knees and legs.

Toe Walking

Toe walking is when a toddler walks on their toes and balls of their feet without their heels touching the ground. This happens generally when a toddler is learning to walk. But, if your toddler continues to walk in a similar pattern beyond the age of 2, you should consult an orthopaedic surgeon expert at treating children.

Often, toe walking is an early sign of underlying medical conditions like cerebral palsy, autism and muscular dystrophy.


Treating children with orthopedic issues is a sensitive issue and requires special attention. Our orthopedic surgeon in Indore uses creative ways to examine toddlers and provide expert treatment to help toddlers achieve their full potential through highly-skilled treatment and innovative solutions.

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