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7 Tips to Avoid Eye Infections During Monsoon

7 Tips to Avoid Eye Infections During Monsoon

After the scorching heat, when a monsoon downpour touches the earth, everyone breathes a sigh of relief. Along with the pleasant atmosphere and eye-pleasing greenery, monsoon is also a season of diseases like malaria, dengue, chikungunya and water-borne diseases.

But do you also know that the season also poses risks to one of the most delicate organs of our body- the eyes? According to the latest news, there has been a spike in the cases of viral conjunctivitis in Surat and some of the regions of Ahmedabad. Kids as young as two years old to people in their 60s are becoming the victims of this highly contagious eye disease. Currently, eye doctors in Ahmedabad are witnessing a 50% increase in OPD visits of patients with eye infections.

With moisture and dampness everywhere, it serves as the ideal breeding ground for virus, bacteria and fungi. Hence, our eyes become more susceptible to infections. As the air gets enveloped with humidity, dust and bacteria, it becomes all the more important to strictly follow hygiene tips to keep your eyes healthy and visit the best ophthalmologist in case of eye-related issues like redness, burning sensation, swelling, discharge, etc. at bay.

Conjunctivitis (pink eye), eye stye and corneal ulcers are common eye diseases during monsoon season.

As it is said- prevention is better than cure; let us go through some hygiene tips that will help you keep your eyes healthy while allowing you to see & experience the monsoon beauty.

1. Wash Your Hands Frequently

Washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds was the new hygiene practice that got deeply ingrained in our routine during the COVID-19 pandemic. This practice is all the more important during monsoon as it is the season of sniffles and sneezes.

You might have touched the infected place or thing and if the same hand touches your eyes, the germs from your hands get transmitted to your eyes, leading to eye irritation and infection.

2. Keep Your Contact Lenses Clean

We know how difficult it is to drive a bike or car wearing a spectacle in the rain. Eyeglasses get fogged up and it is risky to wipe them every now and then while driving. Hence, people find it convenient to wear contact lenses to avoid irritation and blurred vision. However, please keep your contact lenses clean by storing them in a suitable contact lens solution, and also disinfect them at regular time intervals. In case of any eye-related problem, visit the best eye specialist hospital in Ahmedabad and get the treatment.

3. Do Not Share Towels and Napkins

Eye infections are contagious. Hence, it is advisable to not use anyone’s towels, napkins or personal care product to avoid the transmission of bacteria and viruses from the infected to the non-infected.

4. Avoid Going Out in the Rain

We all love to get drenched in the rain. But do you know that rain water carries a large amount of germs, atmospheric pollutants and microbes as it falls. Even an accidental splash in the eye while playing in puddles can cause severe eye infection due to dirty water.

If an irritation or itching persists for a long time, do not ignore it or go for over-the-counter eye medication. Consult the best ophthalmologist in Ahmedabad for the right eye infection treatment.

5. Avoid Public Swimming Pool

Public swimming pools are used by almost everyone. In monsoon, the pool water gets contaminated with rain water or even with an infected person. This poses threat to not just your eyes, but also to your skin, nose and ears.

6. Keep Your Eye Makeup Products Clean

First of all, store your eye makeup products in a dry place. If your mascara brush or eyeliner pencil comes in contact with moisture, it might become contaminated with bacteria and viruses. Hence, before and after applying eye makeup, make sure to disinfect the products by rubbing them with alcohol or the right kind of disinfectant to prevent the germs from spreading.

7. Go for Regular Eye Check-ups

To enjoy good vision for a long time, visit the best eye care hospital of your city and get your eyes regularly checked.

Dr. Hiral Dodia, Consultant Ophthalmologist at Shalby Hospitals, SG, Ahmedabad, said, “Do not buy over the counter (direct from chemist) drops. Many of them may have steroids and it may aggravate the infection and even do not try home remedies, consult the eye doctor in Ahmedabad for the best care and treatment.”

Other than the above hygiene tips, eat a healthy diet throughout the year like leafy green vegetables, nuts and legumes that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin A and carotene.

Especially during monsoon, it is necessary to strengthen our immune system as we are more vulnerable to the exposure of bacteria and viruses in the environment. Our eyes are sensitive and are a window to the soul.

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