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5 Expert Tips for Finding Your Perfect Heart Specialist Doctor

Most patients get recommended to a heart specialist through their primary care doctor. But are you sure you have made the best find? How do you know if this is the right cardiologist for you?

Be it for heart surgery or known inherited heart disease, there are several factors that one needs to take care of for choosing the right kind of doctor. Yes, they know how to treat your disease; but do they possess the proficiency, the discipline? Their availability, expertise, facilities, up-to-date knowledge, fee charge, etc. are a few factors to be considered.

The following pointers could help you get an accurate insight into- How to choose the ideal cardiologist in 5 easy steps?

1. Inquire and Research:

While asking your primary care doctor for a cardiologist is a good practice, it should not be the only resort. Ask your friends, and relatives, research online, and amalgamate all that data for you to research further.

Know the doctor’s background, experience & credentials, location, reviews, board certification information, check for any history of malpractice claims or disciplinary actions, etc.

Consult the heart doctor that matches these basic criteria and book an appointment. Get to know them and make notes. This will help you get a better picture.

2. The Cardiologist Checklist:

In matters of heart, experience matters! More the experience of a cardiologist with a condition or procedure; the better your treatment results shall be. Fellowship training involving several subspecialty areas is also valuable.

Generally, an interventional cardiologist who performs angiography, angioplasty, and other cardiology procedures possesses qualifications like DM – Cardiology (Doctorate of Medicine), and for a cardiac surgeon, it is an M.Ch (Master of Chirurgiae in Cardiac surgery). This could help you research better.

If you know you need a specific procedure, ask the cardiologist how many procedures he or she has performed and find out about the possibilities of complications. Also, inquire about the complications the doctor has encountered in the cases he has handled previously and also about your own risk of complications.

When it comes to the prevention and treatment of heart disease, you need a cardiologist who is leading in his/her specialty and keeps tabs on the latest medicines and methods- one that is a part of advancement in the field.

3. Does the Hospital Have It All?

The infrastructure of the hospital plays an essential role in your cardiac treatment and surgery. The facilities, technology, operation theatre, proactiveness of staff, room space along with equipment and most importantly hygiene matters a lot.

A NABH-accredited hospital should be at the top of your list since you won’t have to worry about any chances of infection and cleanliness protocols. You should keep in mind that there should be a qualified doctor available in case your designated cardiologist is not available.

Shalby Hospitals has state-of-the-art technology, a research and development team, proficient doctors, and nursing staff for all your cardiology needs. There are 14 units of Shalby Hospital all across India. Visit our Ahmedabad branch Multi-Speciality Hospital and book your appointment today.

4. Does Your Insurance Cover It All?

It is always helpful if there is a certain degree of financial aid for your health issues. The best way to do it is through insurance. Currently, insurance Companies do not cover general check-ups, OPD consultations, lab investigations, radiology, and cardiac investigations.

IPD treatment of cardiac diseases is covered in the group and individual mediclaim policy with certain terms and conditions. To know best, get in touch with your Insurance provider.

5. Is the Location a Few Heartbeats Away?

Accessibility is the key. The location of your cardiologist’s office or where he or she has all the important factors and privileges covered carries great weightage. If you have a heart condition that requires frequent check-ups and tests throughout the year, it is wiser to choose a cardiologist who visits or works at a hospital nearby.

Shalby Hospitals (NABH Accredited) are widespread across India, making it an ideal destination for Cardiology needs. Our 24*7 Emergency Services are available upon call. We pride ourselves in touching a million lives with our proactive and patient-centric approach.

Remember, great heart health starts with great willpower and commitment towards remaining healthy. Let the right cardiologist be your guide.

You can now find the best cardiac surgeon in Ahmedabad at Shalby Multi Speciality Hospitals – one of the best heart hospitals in Ahmedabad for all your heart-related issues, treatment as well as surgery. Book your appointment today to get the best heart consultation.

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