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Take Control of Your Health! Health Calculators are of Great Help

Get prompt answers to your complex health concerns by using a range of health calculators. Using these certified health calculators, you can keep a tab over your body and health with much ease.

Whether you wish to check your diabetes, blood pressure, body weight or for that matter want to know your ovulation date, or wish to know if you are pregnant – the health calculators can serve the purpose.

These tools allow you to monitor your body’s overall functioning so that you can stay informed if anything goes wrong in terms of health.

Have a look at some of the highly popular health calculators:

Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator

– It allows you to calculate the proportion of your weight to height. Knowing your Body Mass Index can let you know the ideal body fat you should maintain, appropriate for your height and weight.

Diabetes Calculator – Diabetes is a major health concern and there are many health issues that can get aggravated, if diabetes is not controlled. As you put efforts to keep your sugar levels in control, the diabetes calculator helps you to monitor the blood sugar levels.

Ovulation Calculator – Knowing your ovulation date plays a crucial role in planning a pregnancy. With the ovulation calculator, you can know your most fertile days. All you need is to punch in your menstrual period and cycle length details.

Pregnancy Calculator – It gives you a list of important dates in pregnancy, based on the details you share. The calculator provides details like the beginning of trimester dates as well as the date of your baby’s first heartbeat!

Blood Pressure Calculator – Blood pressure is an important and vital health indicator. High blood pressure may lead to atherosclerosis. Use BP calculator to calculate your blood pressure.

BMR Calculator (Basal Metabolic Rate) – Calories are crucial when it comes to weight loss. You should know how many calories you have consumed so that you can plan your weight loss regime accordingly. And this BMR calculator helps you keep track of calories consumed and calories to be supplemented.

Browse through the above range of health calculators under different health categories, and gear up to undergo your mini health checkup, if needed.

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