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A Young Woman critically poisoned with Aluminium Phosphide, saved at Shalby Surat!

A Young Woman critically poisoned with Aluminium Phosphide, saved at Shalby Surat

A deadly poisoned woman patient was presented at Shalby Hospital, Surat, after mistakenly consuming Aluminium Phosphide, a highly toxic pesticide (fumigant used for preserving grains). In a state of shock, the patient at the time of admission was having very low blood pressure and soon developed metabolic derangement, cardiac toxicity and blood poisoning. As a result, her heart kept on going in to cardiac arrest.

A team comprising Intensive Care Specialist, Gastroenterologist & Physician started managing the case and revived the patient. But, again the patient went into liver toxicity that was also managed well by the team!

The patient was discharged after 9 days of hospitalization without any complications of Aluminum Phosphide poisoning, under the eagle eyed supervision of Dr. Milan Modi, Intensive Care Specialist and team, at Shalby Hospital, Surat.

The Critical Care unit in Shalby, Surat has evolved in last few years as a “Centre of Excellence” with state- of-the-art infrastructure, well trained critical care specialist team, medical officers and nursing staff. The hospital maintains 1:1 nursing – bed ratio to ensure quality care to patients. Shalby Multi-specialty Hospital, Surat deploys three nurses with every ICU patient for round-the-clock supervision and care. The hospital follows international guidelines and protocols, providing critical care services at par with hospitals in Indian Metro towns but at affordable cost.

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