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Shalby Saves Lives of Two with organ donation from a brain dead patient

The relatives of a brain dead female patient at Shalby’s SG unit at Ahmedabad donated her organs. After following all the protocols of SOTTO (State Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization), both the Kidneys of the patient were successfully transplanted to a male patient aged 50 and the Liver was transplanted to a female aged 45.  The cornea retrieved was donated to Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad. 

Shalby Hospitals started its Kidney Transplant Program in 2011 and so far we have done 122 renal (Kidney) transplants.  The liver transplant program was initiated in 2019 at Shalby and 11 transplants have been done so far with highest success ratio. In a short span of time, Shalby has become a preferred Kidney and Liver Transplant Centre, amidst private corporate hospitals in Gujarat.

It is a known fact that organ donation rate in India is very low even today, despite innumerable awareness campaigns and efforts from all corners.

Against this backdrop, people who are declared brain dead and their generous relatives who are coming forward for organ donation to save precious lives deserve our wholehearted appreciation.

Shalby hereby places on record  our sincere appreciation to the donor and their relatives for this noble gesture.