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200 Cancer Winners Celebrated their Victory Over Cancer at Naroda Shalby Hospitals

World Cancer Day is celebrated across the world on 4th February every year to spread awareness about cancer and its prevention, detection, and treatment. Cancer is a disease dreaded by all, but it can be defeated with proper diagnosis & treatment by the doctors and the fighting spirit of the patients. Many such cases can be termed as Cancer Miracles, and people who win this fight are Cancer Winners.

200 such winners celebrated their win at Naroda Shalby Hospitals with the doctors on World Cancer Day. Shalby’s team of cancer specialists was part of this unique event. The team included Dr. Bhavesh Parekh, Head, of Shalby Cancer & Research Institute, Dr. Abhishek Jain, Senior Thoracic Cancer Surgeon, Dr. Dharmesh Panchal, Senior Cancer Surgeon, Dr. Nishant Sanghvi, Cancer Surgeon, Dr. Ankit Thakker, Radiation Oncologist and Dr. Hirak Vyas, Radiation Oncologist.

Some of the winners who gathered had some unique success stories of their win over cancer. One such patient is a man of 69 years who has defeated cancer twice. He was treated by Dr. Bhavesh Parekh, Senior Medical Oncologist, at Shalby Hospitals. Dr. Parekh said, “He was first diagnosed with tongue cancer way back in 1992, and was operated by Dr. Bhargav Maharaja, who is a senior cancer surgeon at Shalby. He was cancer-free for 28 years, living a normal life. Unfortunately, he developed squamous cell cancer of the lungs in 2020 when he was 66 years old. The challenge in his case was that his cardiac function was less than normal with an ejection fraction of just 40%, but he was treated successfully by us at Shalby and is cancer-free now. He was always positive and is a real winner who has defeated cancer twice.”

Another case is of a patient with lung cancer who was treated with surgery using the 3D video-assisted minimally invasive technique by Dr. Abhishek Jain, Senior Thoracic Cancer Surgeon at Shalby Hospitals. Dr. Jain said, “This patient was a chronic smoker for close to 25 years. His tumor was 4 cm by 4 cm in size and was in early stage. We decided in our multi-disciplinary tumor board that a minimally invasive surgery using a 3D video-assisted technique was the best option for his surgery. This technique requires just a small 4-5 cm access to be made on the chest and the removal of the tumor through the same cut. A special 3D camera system is used for visualization. 3D vision gives the operating surgeon excellent vision and depth perception. Surgeon operates looking at the 3D monitor system just like we see a 3D movie. This offers an excellent surgical dissection and a complete clearance of cancerous growth.”

Dr. Nishita Shukla, Group COO, of Shalby Hospitals said, “We have a large team of cancer specialists and the latest equipment including a state-of-the-art radiation machine to treat all types of cancers. We have treated a large number of patients, including patients from overseas. Today’s event is a salute to the grit and determination of these cancer winners and to our doctors who have treated them successfully.”

Dr. Rakesh Shah, Chief Administrative Officer of Naroda Shalby Hospitals said, “Naroda Shalby is a comprehensive cancer care center in Eastern Ahmedabad having Medical Oncology, Surgical Oncology & Radiation Oncology services are available under one roof. More than 25000 patients have been successfully treated so far under our cancer treatment program. Our vision resonates with the World Cancer Day Theme for 2022- 2024 “CLOSE THE CARE GAP”. We are committed to delivering equitable care and addressing this gap by offering evidence-based medicine, clinical expertise, state-of-the-art infrastructure and a compassionate team. We stand strongly with our patients in their fight against cancer.”

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