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Dr. Darshini Shah Featured in Ahmedabad Mirror’s Special Feature , Women Warriors .

Dr. Darshini Shah Featured in Ahmedabad Mirror’s Special Feature , Women Warriors .


From my personal experience, I can say that success never comes to anyone overnight. You have to pass through a lot of struggle, especially when you are a woman and a first generation entrepreneur. I still remember those days of my early life: After getting my Bachelor’s Degree in Dentistry when I decided to go abroad for further studies, my husband Dr Vikram Shah came forward and extended his support saying “You should go. I will take care of our four-year old son.” When a woman takes a decision, support from her life partner plays a pivotal role.

A woman must get space and freedom to pursue her career. When I started out a little over 25 years ago, I worked for a salary of Rs 600 per month because I wanted to be associated with someone from whom I could learn well. Later having studied further in the UK and the US, I became a stickler for perfection. Those days, hygiene was not an issue in India. I was often professionally isolated even by those who worked for me because they thought ‘madam ni requirement alag chhe’. Today, this approach is the reason why I have an impressive database of patients from across the world. My journey seems very smooth today but I began my dental clinic with one chair. Today, we have seven centres across the country and are in the process of planning more.

Like all other women, when I started working, I often felt guilty of ignoring my son and husband Vikram. My son was only a year and half old when we came back from London. We were struggling to set up a good practice. Sometimes I would come home late to see my son sleeping, after having eaten some dry nashta. Ditto with my husband. When I started my independent clinic, I set my clinic’s timings according to my son’s school schedule. This was important for me. I perfectly understand a woman and a mother’s need to balance one’s life and career.

Things gradually changed. For example once there was a big industrialist (name withheld on request) who came from London. He had got 17 dentures by dentists across the world but was not comfortable. Someone recommended my clinic here. As I always do, I gave my 100 per cent to sort out his problem. After three years or more, we were in London and he invited us to his place. My husband and I went there and were pleasantly surprised to see he had thrown a massive party because he was so happy with the work I had done. I could see so much happiness and pride in my husband’s face.

That was my beginning. Today, I am in a very happy space. Yes, I have fought my battles, juggling between home and family and professional commitments. A woman is a natural multi-tasker. She often has to pack in 48 hours of work in 24 hours but then women are so well-organized and efficient at whatever they do. Whether it is the kitchen, the hospital, or an international conference, a woman can juggle different roles effortlessly with a bit of planning.

A woman is a natural multi-tasker and she can pack in 48 hours of work in 24 hours because she is well organised

Dr Darshini Shah is a dentist and implantologist who runs seven centres across the country, and treats patients across the world

Dr. Darshini Shah Featured in Ahmedabad Mirror’s Special Feature , Women Warriors

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